I sanded back between coats using a 180 grit on a canterbury sander (like a polisher) which seemed to do a wonderful job until the final coat dried and the sanding effect can be seen under the surface creating a slightly opaque look with subtle glossier speckles. The finish started to bubble up and looked like a crackle coat. that are visible through subsequent layers of poly. I put clear gloss polyurethane over my stained deck and the finish has amber color finish and it looks awful. will still have a few small shiny spots. For a semi-gloss sheen, continue rubbing with fine synthetic Polyurethane should cure for two weeks to a month after the last coat is applied. I’ve called Minwax, been to Sherman Williams stores all the same, no intelligent answers or no idea what the problem could be. The coffee table sanded and tacked, brush applied Can you please tell me how to get the white spots out of cupboards, doors and woodwork. This is a standard method when isolation repairs are necessary, but can often create uneven sheen levels. For brush marks and lap marks, buff and apply a heavier coat and change the order or direction that you are brushing. I tried polyurethane and seems like it takes off the acrylic. Floor looked uniform. I just installed a new 3/4 inch hardwood flooring from Bruce. I need to know how to remove it without having my entire floor redone again. I have installed the click-together engineered flooring in my house. If you want to transform the sheen from high gloss to satin or matte, then using a hardening oil such as tung oil is a good way to do it. Thanks. Is minwax polyurethane fast drying (spray on) clear satin flammable when it’s dry? I used a polyureathene on them ( water based) but it didn’t say it was for floors. Satin polyurethane has a low to medium sheen that helps conceal dirt and scratches, making it popular for flooring. I tried sanding and it “gums” up and collects on the sandpaper. I sprayed and let dry..only to find that the end table is turning yellow! I recently just applied the second coat of polyurethane to a table top, but when you tried to sand it, it just looks like it scratched the surface and left a whitish residue that won’t go away, any idea how to get rid of this? Did it not dry enough? Do you have any suggestions to remove these pressure lines in the surface of the finish. Any suggestions on what I can do to remove the top coat and get back to where I started. Thanks. I’ve done this application many times & can’t figure why this is happening now? Hi Joy, – Simple Woodworking Projects, Use A Doweling Jig as A Center-finding Gauge. I applied one coat of water based ply and the floor looks white – as if the color was bleached out -not uniformly. manage to sneak into the final coat (Photo 1). I applied a sanding sealer and sanded the sealer after drying. I am refinishing an end table. on the paper. The polyurethane is drying with a cloudy finish. The white will come back after the water is dry; however let it dry over night. Subscribe ». POSSIBLE CAUSE Use of a gloss alkyd/oil-based paint or solvent-based epoxy in areas of direct sunlight. In the future I’ll refinish or restore – and use paste wax. 11. During the drying process, it created dozens of little fish-eyes all over the surface which our finishing guy went crazy trying to rub out during the entire process until it was completely dried. Used mineral spirits to remove smudges, buy they are right back with the slightest touch. sheen across the entire surface. All rights reserved. It will be treated as an unheated room. I can see darker areas and lighter areas throughout the space. I polyurethane all my cupboards, doors and woodwork and know they are are turning white in spots. Should I try a high gloss on top to see if that helps? I have a deck of new, untreated cedar. Semi-gloss polyurethane dries to a sheen that is between gloss and flat. Some data: I started with 3 parts varnish to 1 … looks. buffing with fine synthetic abrasive wool (0000 steel wool (small) area of table shows nano bubbles and Hey Danny, I’m installing two new solid core doors in my daughters business. I had read that the reason was because the humidity was too high and moisture had gotten into/on either the furniture or the poly that I was applying. Unless you have lots of bubbles to I applied it with a brush. the last layer of polyurethane and start over. I bought an insert for heat to put in it. Sanded lightly, stained. Although low luster sheen’s have been trending for hardwood flooring finishes during the last several years, a matte level of sheen has virtually no light reflection. even, satiny sheen, and then rub a little more. Help! My question is do I have to strip the table or is there something else that I can do to make the stickiness go away. sanded table top, then stained pine color, then polyurethaned. i made a mistake on a door and want to remove it and leave it the way it was. than 4F pumice. They also said it could get worse with age, not better. Sounds like it could be fisheye, caused by silicone contamination. week or two. really shine, you have to start by sanding it dull (Photo Downstairs after sanding properly and using wood bleach to eliminate improperly stained areas (from the past due to a moronic tenant who left stain on too long) and rinsing with water and mineral spirits, initial application of poly seemed to darken some areas again, left a pink tinge in some areas and peeled in other areas. Finish the test boards at the same time you’re What did I do wrong & how can I correct it? I recently applied water based polyurethane on a new wood floor and am starting to get white hazy spots. If the finish balls up on the sandpaper or it won’t buff out to more than a satin sheen, let it sit for another week or two. I’m well into my project. Choosing a sheen is a matter of personal preference. is there something i can use that will fill the tiny holes where the finish will not stick? Any ideas as to the cause? After sprinkling I have a family member who has some experience with floor finish application who has offered to apply it. I have new walk in closet cabinets do I need to poly after staining or can I leave them or parts of them alone. For furniture mfg. The coat below is not dry including stains. Later? Hi Helen, What is going on? Please help it looks really bad! equivalent) to bring the finish to a satin sheen. What happened to make it blister up like that? tHANKS FOR ANY HELP. It was a lot of work. Some spots will have a lot of flattening agent (making it have a very matte sheen) and other spots will look crystal clear (making it have a more glossy sheen). I see another lady refered to it looking like a milky residue and that is a fair explination. edges, table legs and other https://www.popularwoodworking.com/wp-content/uploads/popwood_logos-01.png, https://www.popularwoodworking.com/wp-content/uploads/poly-finish_5F00_lead2-113x113.jpg, Shaker Storage & Shelving Shop Resources Collection, © 2020 Cruz Bay Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved, Projects, Questions And Answers, Techniques, Free Woodworking Downloads From Lee Valley, I Can Do That! See my reply to Nancy in the comments above. I’ve applied a coat of penetrating stain, a coat of poly, sanded with 220 sandpaper & put another coat of poly on top of that. 2 do I use a sealer of any type. What could be the reasons for these? Please think of an affordable solution other than sanding. 5. We have had it less than 1 year and I’m noticing hazy white spots on the floor throughout the house. just sanded a very old oak floor while it was bare wood looked great no stain in site . For a glossier finish, top off the film finish by buffing on a coat of wax. Just stained over old stain on kitchen cabinets. Vacuum all the sanding dust off the surface and wipe with I used a semi-gloss poly on the rest of the table. The risk of 2. Pumice is There are several new insulation products that are easier on your lungs, such as wall and ceiling insulation made from cotton and foam made from soybeans. I then proceded to do the second half a few days later and I had NO SHEEN. Forgot to rinse off wood bleach with baking soda or borax. Scrub the surface several times with each solvent and wipe it clean, using fresh rags each time you do. We have cleaned the ceiling every 3 years with Murphy oil soap. My dad stained the oak plywood with red oak minwax stain and then put on clear coat on the entire mantle. applied. with slow-drying polyurethane. I made a floorcloth and applied PU to it then waxed it after. flat, horizontal top does. While it left a gloss finish, within minutes the color of the stain had whitened in random sections as though it was being stripped. successful rubout. I applied a PU flooring system and after curing, there were humps and cracks on the surface. Do you know how we can get rid of these spots without replacing the floor? Have used this product in the past with good results.Any suggestions,thanks. I still want to cover the door with a coat or two for protection but am concerned that the white will come back. white surface areas, otherwise, no problems..please advise. Thank. or seems too bland, which is sometimes a problem Caution: Finish tends to be thinner at tabletop edges. I have sanded my paneling and brushed on Minwax satin finish fast drying polyurethane. Hi, Rub until you get a flat, even After the edges are done, sand the centers with long I got a call about a floor with finish that showed a definite milky cast-sometimes described as a hazy look-in the overall appearance of the floor. Uneven sheen can happen on a final coat but tends to be more of an issue during repairs on an existing floor. Satin polyurethane is essentially the same type of product as the gloss variety, but it contains a flatting paste in the material to create the lower sheen. I polyed my oak floors after staining them. steel wool slivers. © 2021 Today’s Homeowner Media. I first started sanding it with 220 grit paper but discovered that it just scraped off quickly with a putty knife. We may receive a commission from sales referred by our links; however, we have carefully selected these products for their usefulness and quality. bubbles are almost inevitable on big horizontal surfaces finished Thanks. You can read more about them in our article Green Products for Your Home. We installed a wood ceiling 12 years ago, we sanded, pretreated,stained & polyureathened before installing, it now is showing some white streaks, not sure why or what to do to get rid of the white streaks. thank you. I’ve filled the knots with wood putty and sanded down the wood multiple times down to a 220 sanded finish. Now I have a spot that appears lighter than the rest of the stripe. Do we have to sand it off or strip it? The polyurethane looks like it has cracks in it. I noticed it after the first coat but went ahead and put two more coats on and it still looks like it has cracks in it. I’m refinishing my kitchen cabinets with Minwax Ebony Stain and their Helmsman Satin Polyurethane. I applied 2 coats of light golden stain. coat, when the finisher sanded them down and applied the material it came out much duller than the surrounding surfaces – same finisher / same product. It is applied with either bristle or foam brushes or a lamb's wool applicator. surface is really a mess). We want to stain them. Use a fresh can of the same finish from a different store in case the batch in question was bad. paraffin oil as a lubricant for the abrasive wool (Photo 6). I am guessing we will have to sand down and start over, but is there anything else? After the project is finished, I don’t expect to have rain or snow on the deck surface, but there may be some rain before the overhead and side protection is completed. I then went to the store and bought a new can hoping that adding a new coat could help. But no Another words the air inside needs to be exchanged with the air inside. Hi Danny The Solution: Flatten the surface imperfections with 600-grit Recently restored the wood floors 324sq feet in a old old home. Thanks I read every question and have had the same problems many of these people have had guess what, no answers. I read that water based with NO modified oil. Uneven appearance of a coating's gloss, sheen or luster due to deterioration of the paint film. The result will be an uneven sheen. Be sure to download my 2 page Wipe On Polyurethane Summary Sheet available here Wipe On Polyurethane, Rules, Tips and Paraphernalia PDF and at the end. The result will be an uneven sheen. of a tabletop to avoid sanding through. Pumice and rottenstone are sold at some paint Wipe on polyurethane vs brush on polyurethane. the pumice on the surface, rub it into a paste with Now I am second guessing if I should have put this Minwax Polyurethane Semi Gloss. How do I prep the surface to eliminate the white hazy appearance before applying new refinishing coats??? I had hoped the superior self-leveling process might get an even sheen, but it's not happening. Its been a couple of months now and I’m starting to see bubbling (white) in the seams of the floors. Extra care should be taken when sanding near the edges I’m finishing an unfinished alderwood dining room table with lots of knots. But sometimes, the finish simply does not look good, and you’ll need to do some manual manipulationto achieve your preferred look. Uneven sheen and coatings are easily fixed by stirring more and applying a more even second coat. After the first coat, I used 220 grit sandpaper to lightly sand the surface as recommended. Did a light coat of Helmsman spar Urethane over stained wood cabinets. Remember, It dried all hazy and white. Use a sanding block to level ridges and bumps. 4. Thank you Danny for taking your time to address my situation. I recently (July 23, 2015) was mopping my floors with vinegar and water, and the bottom of the bucket had water on it and it left a white foggy ring on my floor. I installed a New Bruce Urethane prefinished floor (Gunstock) and it looked terrific. Can you tell me why this is occuring and what should I do to fix it? I stained, applied the poly, and wet sanded with mineral oil. However the polyurethane is pealing and chiping. makig a cedar wood table. Have an awesome week. My issue now is after I placed down the first layer of polyurethane it seems to bond to the wood unevenly. I built new mahogany cabinets, stained them with oil based stain(red mahogany by minwax),sealed with a clear laquer sealer and then put two coats for oil based poly on. Bill. Let the finish fully cure! i have stripped sanded and re stained a dining table using minwax poly satin finish and now i have little spots all over the top. Then experiment on them to get a feel for I do not know if I should now use oil or water based poly. Why is this and how can we fix it to get rid of the oily feel? Why? Most of it had dried fine but a good portion on the outter rim is starting to curl up. 1. If it eventually will darken without stain and catch up to the floor I am okay with that. Hello, I have found your site on Polyurethane Finishing Problems, I have Redone my Kitchen Cubords and I used minwax Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner. 1/8″ topping is still pretty tacky feeling. grits, it’s OK to use a circular motion as you rub. Variance in sheen is most often caused by uneven film thickness. It is immaculate but hard to keep clean looking. nibs and ridges, but don’t try to sand away all the shiny spots. I am very new at this so I would love some directions. Will brushing a heavy coat of Cabot poly on the ceiling seal the cracks? I was told form the hardware store to use 150 grit sandpaper and sand it all down. Hi, I was staing my floor, but helper mixed the stain and sealer toghther and now some of area is a milky white and stciky. Choosing the best polyurethane applicator has been an indispensable step in getting beautiful, shiny hardwood floors. Now your furniture has the goodlooking If they aren’t coated in that time – the oil from the wood will penetrate back to the top of the freshly sanded wood and cause waterbase finishes to peel; while oil base finishes on them will take much longer to dry. His extensive hands-on experience and understanding of the industry make him the go-to source for all things having to do with the home – from advice on simple repairs, to complete remodels, to helping homeowners prepare their homes for extreme weather and seasons. Sandblaster 400-grit stearated aluminum oxide paper. Wipe the slurry So I don’t know what caused it or how to fix it!! I have melamine kitchen cuboards I made sure there where sanded and cleaned before I applied the undercoat two coats I applied .. Now I have used cuboard paint in champagne colour the cuboards have dried a rough finish .. What do I need to do before applying the second coat .. I do not remember if it was water or oil based but it left lots of little lumps. The Problem now is that the Poly will not bond as it seems to be being assorbed into the wood. the original wood is great, however, the oak plywood part feel oily. Here are some possible reasons for the problem: If you have followed these guidelines, the problem may be with the finish itself. If I sand them down a little can I put on more stain before I put on the new poly? Vertical surfaces and legs don’t collect the dust the way a Applying polyurethane to stair railings will protect wood from humidity, dirt and abrasion and keep it looking new for many years. my son in law did the floor and he wants to put polycoat on it even with the spots i do not want to have a floor like that. next. Do I need to put the Polyurethane on for the protection? Note – it has been raining and 60 degrees. I used polyurethane on the already stain pine flooring boards and the boards developed a white surface I haven’t been able to remove. When after my second Poly and tack, I see some real small voids all over the surface of the door. buff out to more than a satin sheen, let it sit for another What did I do wrong. It seems completely counterintuitive, but to make a finish I heard that steam via a damp cloth and a steam iron might cause the area to swell the area. the finish begins to come to life, taking on an attractive, flat The only thing done differently is we used a 5″ orbital sander. Lay Once dry, sand the piece and try finishing it again (use a new can of finish and new brush in case silicone residue has gotten on the old brush or in the old can of finish). We tried sanding it down again and then started scraping the film with a razor and some of it is coming up easily showing the original tabletop, but some is very difficult to get up. Any answers would be appreciated! I was very upset so after it had dried I sanded this wall so that all the puffed up finish was smoothe. Dear Danny, My husband applied a coat of pu to our hardwood staircase. I have been sanding my brains out. Hi Danny Pressure marks from heavy items: The only way to remove these is to re-sand the floor. Home centers and hardware stores, If you're using water-based material, it's common for it to appear milky before it dries. i applied a coat of satin over the gloss but it (of course) is still too shiny. Hi Julie, Followed the directions on can. strokes that overlap the sanded border. 3. wipe with a damp almost dry paper towel.. this will simulate what the finish will do after it is recoated. If you are spraying your finish, you can try applying several light mist coats of finish to try and achieve the same effect. I used minwax quick drying polyurethane to topcoat a dining room table. synthetic abrasive pads and rub Do you know why this has happened? I applied an oil based PU and now it will not dry it has been a month and the cloth is still tacky. Is there a way to get the pressure marks out of the surface. Thank you again, Floors which have a white haze: This happens for a couple of reasons. After two weeks the poly is turning loose and is getting worse after six months. I’m planning on staining the table and then putting a hard matte/satin poly or varnish finish on the table. I applied a gloss polyurethane on my tabletop Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. help prevent “corning” or the balling up of finish HELP! He is not telling me what he did. Diningroom table, old finish removed with chemical and new pu sprayed on. Thanks, hi danny, i started a cleaning job in july in a tyre shop and the front showroom has a poly floor. Try buying another can from a different store, and apply another coat on top of what’s there. My call to Bruce elicited the comments that it was my fault and I alone was responsible. I used wood conditioner on them and stained them. I have air leaks, I did put insulation batts and later blown in cellulose and still have air leaks. Is there a reason why this spot looks lighter? away, and then repeat the process with rottenstone. Hello Danny, What can cause this . I completed an outside mural in acrylic then wanted to protect it.i used cats polyurethane.it was fine till it rained.the water got under the coating creating saging.i sanded and repaired then recoated with two coats using a roller.the wall is textured concrete.now after a month got more rain it is back, I was trying to fill a same hole on my kitchen cabinet with wood putty. Smooth and Flatten the Finish. flatten, you should only need to sand five to 10 strokes in any Apply your polyurethane floor finish with the grain of the wood. Clean the top with a damp cloth and continue Anything I can do to remediate this issue? The wax got milky and needed to be removed. hvlp stands for high volume low pressure on these spray guns i just stated is a gravity feed gun ,,meaning the cup is on top of the spray gun instead of bottom ,, but always use mask u can use a cheap primer gun will work just as good n get results u want..learned all this from my own mistakes pluss nearly 30 years in auto body repair n painting, Hello I built 3 tables out of oak and some hickory,I used minwax golden oak put on 2 thin coats and let it dry for three weeks in my house, I took one to the wood shop and wiped it down to make sure it was dust free, I put minwax high gloss pu on it, one thin coat, it developed a whitish mold looking affect and the poly just scrapes righ off, what can I do to keep the whitish looking mold from reoccuring on other peices. hard enough to take an even scratch pattern from abrasives. water and a dampened rag (Photo 7). Please give me some advice. Next I used my Stain and followed The Instructions Putting Pre Stain on for the alouded time and Wiping; Also the same with the Stain. Can you suggest a better way to fix this? Even in areas where no liquids could be getting on the floor. I wipe it off and within 8 to 10 hours it’s back. If you continue to have problems, the only alternative might be to strip the cabinets and start all over again. I also noticed some of the stain came off on the tach cloths. How can we keep it from happening again? Poly Beads: This is when after some time goes by finish seeps through the boards of a floor or two separate pieces of wood. Applying over an oily surface, or over certain exotic woods—like rosewood, teak, ebony, and cocobolo—that contain natural oils. Thanks for describing the situation with your wood floors. Why is this happening? This will pull the inside air out and replace it with the air outside. not recommended for water-based finishes; it sheds If you reach the color tone before achieving the sheen you want, let the surface of the cabinets dry thoroughly, and then apply clear polyurethane finish to complete the project. The cabinets have a narrow oak frame with veneer beadboard inserts. In both it looks like the finish had oil spots where poly did not stick in circles many of them. Sounds like a classic case of “fisheye,” which is a reaction to the silicone found in furniture polishes like Pledge. I used mineral spirits and microfiber cloth to clear after the final grit. Here are some supplies and tools we find essential in our everyday work around the shop. I find the semi gloss too shiny. Thank you. I didn’t overlap much. 5. sheen with no visible defects. the last coat on a little thick to protect against accidentally There is a time to wipe on polyurethane and a time to brush on polyurethane. If he puts a second coat on it would it come out the same way or would it solve the problem? After refinishing some furniture, I had the finish turn cloudy (milky finish). I worked really hard to match the existing woodstain in the room and wood hate to start over. Assuming your stain and polyurethane have dried, the only way I know to remove it would be by applying stripper, allow the finish to soften, scrape it off with a putty knife, clean off any remaining goo with steel wool and mineral spirits, allow it to dry, then sand and refinish. cutting through the finish with Usually I would say the can wasn’t stirred enough, but since you said you stirred it well, you may just have a can that wasn’t made correctly. I’m getting a peeling of the last coat in some areas. What kind of brush should I go too? #115-271; medium (1 to 00 equivalent), #115-274; 4F I have four boards that I did this to what can I do to fix it and not go into the stain. Would it be helpful to direct a fan on the wood, or maybe a sunlamp would help. abrasive wool lubricated with soapy water. This age-old two-step technique is commonly used on wow. please help me im going nuts with this project its been over 3 weeks. Use a fresh can of the same finish from a different store in case the batch in question was bad. ... Then, apply a third coat, and rub out the finish to the desired sheen. I find the new floor is scratching too easy. No reply. hOW CAN i FIX IT? Polyurethane is a tough, high-quality finish, Worked for me on a table top. Backed by his 40-year remodeling career, Danny served as the home improvement expert for CBS’s The Early Show and The Weather Channel for more than a decade. Can I do a quick fix with gel stain. However every brand that I look at that is waterbased has modified Oil. Will the streaks or spots interfere with stain or glaze? I applied two coats of minwax wood stain, each with 24hrs drying time in between. The trouble is, the stuff was thick and the first wall I did I put on too thick and there are drip marks everywhere – looks terrible. Before applying finish on any project, test different Then I vacuum thoroughly and wipe the lacquer do. can you cover two coats of semi-gloss polyurethane with a satin polyurethane? Please use this form to contact Danny Lipford, America’s Home Expert, directly: https://todayshomeowner.com/radio/ask-questions/ Danny, If the finish balls up on the sandpaper or it won’t steel wool. I used semi gloss poly over a cleaned pine paneling wall. I am re-doing a 6 foot rail and newel post that separates my family room and kitchen, I purchased a fresh milled brazilian cherry newel post, rail and shoe rail. So once you realize you’ll be … its too shiny! Use grain filler on open-pored woods, such as Will it have shiny spots? 2. Everything seems to be going well, except that the finish gets tacky incredibly quickly, and I am not getting an even sheen on the final coat. When a oil base polyurethane had not dried in the allotted time it needs exchange of air. It dries too fast for brushing, and it doesn’t self-level when rolling with one of those small rollers, so you’re either left with a finish with drag marks and uneven sheen from brushing, or a bumpy finish from rolling. (00 steel wool equivalent). It can be difficult to correct, but you best approach is to strip the table again, then clean the surface thoroughly with multiple washes of lacquer thinner followed by naphtha or mineral spirits (these are highly flammable solvents that are also not good to breathe, so use them in a well ventilated area away from sparks or open flames).