Now that you’ve decided which of the eight vent-less fireplaces work the best for your home (measurements, appearance, add-on features such as remote controls and glass displays), get ready to enjoy the realistic feel of a traditional burning fireplace without the need to lay down extra plastic and covers for cleaning. The flame is 360 degree viewable and acts as a double-sided fireplace. Should you replace one of those components, turn the breaker off all the way and … If you have an existing fireplace, you can get an ethanol burning insert that will slide right in, making use of the space and the current aesthetics. Some manufacturers recommend leaving a window cracked open while running operating the fireplace to ensure there is a source of fresh air. Buying a new... Fountain pens are one of the classiest, most elegant ways of writing and many people still consider them the optimal pen of choice. Available in either vented or ventless configurations, you’ll need to determine which choice is right for your space. For now the wood burning fireplace in our living room is great because our 5 year old loves building fires, but once that tires we’ll have wish we had a gas fireplace in our living room. At maximum capacity, this burnerÕs flame lasts approximately 4-6 hours (depending on room temperature and climate). This fireplace burner insert is eco-friendly, and ventless that burns ethanol fireplace fuel. The Chicago native spent two years in brutally cold Marquette, Michigan and graduated from her slightly warmer alma mater Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri before deciding Chicago was her permanent home. The other vent safely removes any exhaust gases created by burning the natural gas or LP to the outdoors. Just be sure to have carbon monoxide detectors in the room to make sure your new fireplace can safely release water vapors as needed. No more need to store and log wood, own a firewood rack, waste time on lighting and cleaning up ashes. You can get a technician to help you make the necessary adjustments. SPECIFICATIONS: This Regal Flame bio ethanol fireplace is completely vent free. The fact of the matter is that vent-free, gas burning fireplaces and other other appliances definitely DO emit elemental gasses into the home, including carbon dioxide (Not a huge deal. This fireplace, with its sleek design and glass panels, is backed by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Some property owners won’t care while others will want to know how safe they are. This bio ethanol burner fireplace is covered by 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed within a one-year warranty. Faulty Gas Valve. The dual burner provides two rows of flames for a thicker, fuller, eye-catching fire. By contrast, vented gas fireplaces create a dangerously high amount of combustion exhaust and therefore must be vented to the outdoors. A natural gas fireplace insert is a great heating alternative for your home, and our realistic, hand-painted log sets help to bring all the beauty of a real fire to your home. However, there may be unusual noises caused by external issues. Easier to install than vented wood or gas fireplaces and capable of warming small rooms, gas fireplaces that have no vents passing to the exterior are becoming more popular for remodeling work and even in new-construction homes. They say they have up to 99.9% efficiency. But, many non-gas fireplaces fall into this category, too. Pellet Stove Comparison Guide, How to Install a Dryer Vent in a Tight Space, How to Test for Carbon Monoxide in Your Home, Venting a Hot Water Heater: What You Should Know, How to Check a Pilot Light on a Gas Furnace. Still, hazards are present. A gas fireplace might be expensive, but it might not meet your needs, you want a fireplace that keeps your living room cosy and warm. 9% efficient with vent-free gas space heaters. Carbon Monoxide Protection With Gas Logs . Push button Piezo ignition with built-in pilot Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS), Auto-shuts down the heater if carbon monoxide or lack of oxygen is detected, Thermostat control automatically cycles the burner on and off to maintain desired temperature, 9 percent efficient with vent-free gas space heaters, One user had gas leaking from the valve strong enough to wake up the family. Remember that you’ll also need to purchase the logs, burners, trims, and mantle for this fireplace. There is a slight difference to the flame jets between the two styles, and as a result, ventless fireplaces tend to burn somewhat less realistically than vented units. DEPENDABLE - Thermostat Control – The control automatically cycles the burner on and off to maintain a desired room temperature. REAL FLAME: Unlike electric fireplaces inserts, Tealight Fireplace Log, candle holders, Hurricane Candleholders, Gel Fireplace Fuel Cans, gas, firewood logs, smoke, and no ash clean up. Most gas-burning fixtures, whether furnaces, water heaters, or fireplaces, vent combustion exhaust to the exterior. This soot-free, ash-free fireplace can burn for approximately four to six hours. Environmental Protection and Energy Conservation. With the ability to heat up to 800 square feet, this free standing fireplace has five hand-painted detailed logs, using ceramic fiber and concrete materials for long-lasting life. 99. At first it seems like a non-vented fireplace might be better. COMBUSTIBLE & NON-COMBUSTIBLE FIREPLACE MANTELS Wood Mantel Surrounds are a centerpiece of the overall fireplace design. But you probably also have a... What are you planning to do these days? HEAT: Easily produces 3,900 BTUs to warm a room of 400 sq. Please remember not to ever pour/refill fuel onto open fire or when burner/fireplace is not cool to touch. This indoor or outdoor ethanol burner fireplace provides an open real flame that burns completely ventless & Vent Free, soot free, ash free, easy light and extinguish. Browse 79 Non Combustible Fireplace Surround on Houzz Whether you want inspiration for planning non combustible fireplace surround or are building designer non combustible fireplace surround from scratch, Houzz has 79 pictures from the best designers, decorators, and architects in the country, including MAY designs and McLaughlin Design & Construction LLC. There is no right answer for what is the best daily planner for you versus any other mover... © 2019 - - Mindful reviews for your life, This website uses cookies. With ethanol, you no longer need to run gas lines for Gas Logs, firewood logs for Wood Log fireplaces, Electric for electric fireplaces, Electric Fireplace Insert or Wood Burning Fireplace. This soot-free, ash-free fireplace can burn for approximately four to six hours. Ventless gas fireplaces are deemed to operate within the range of safety for cycling these combusted gases back into the home's interior. Pay special attention to the fireplace in its early days to make sure it safely turns on and stops (sometimes auto-shuts) as instructed. The safety of ventless gas fireplaces is a subject of debate. Some people love the “nature” part of the fireplace: looking for sticks outside, chopping up wood and even find the cleaning process therapeutic. Does not require any venting at all. It should fit flush within the wall (or potentially have the frame sticking out correctly but snug) before purchasing the product. By continuing to use this website you are giving consent to cookies being used. Get daily tips and tricks for making your best home. Visit Lifestyle Reviews for all your lifestyle product needs! This 37-inch, vent-free fireplace package contains a fireplace screen, hood, millivolt remote control valve with built-in adjustable flame/heat control, dual receptacle junction box, double flame burner, oxygen depletion sensor (ods), piezo ignitor, exclusive phazer glowing log set and a 20-foot. Gas fireplaces will make some noise as part of their normal operation. Ventless gas fireplaces are a versatile way to bring fire to any room in your home. Only high-quality materials and parts are used in the manufacturing of our products. This fireplace also has an efficient, economical vent-free application, and heat-circulating air ducts for optional blower installation. 5 out … Compared to a gas fireplace, furnaces produce more heat. Cost of Ventless Gas Fireplaces vs. Other Options, Easy Winter Preparation Checklist for Your Home. Of course it won’t look exactly like a direct vent gas or wood-burning fireplace, but it should be close enough to enjoy the general feeling with less pollutants. No ash cleanup ; Easy light and extinguish; Cons. ASK AN EXPERT! TECHNOLOGY - 26, 000 BTU Patented DUAL FUEL TECHNOLOGY using Natural Gas or Liquid Propane which Heats up to 1, 350 sq. STYLISH - 5 realistic hand painted Ceramic Fiber Logs. There … Gas fireplaces are a convenient and appealing way to add the warmth of a fireplace to your home without the hassle of traditional woodburning fireplaces. $28.99 $ 28. Phazer logs create a natural wood burning look with beautiful, dancing flames, Includes safety screen to protect from open flames, “Natural” wood burning look with dancing flames, Offers 50 percent flame and heat adjustment for maximum comfort and efficiency, Oxygen depletion sensor shuts the pilot off before oxygen drops below safe level. If you’re uncomfortable with installing it yourself, and don’t have do-it-yourself experience, it’s best to find someone who does. Vented gas fireplace inserts will require a flue or ductwork for external venting, while vent-free fireplace … Use the ventless gas fireplace insert, with its dual fuel technology to warm up to 1,350 square feet of space. Utheer Gas Fireplace Glowing Embers, Rock Wool for Vent Free or Vented Gas Log Sets, Inserts and Fireplaces, 6 Oz. It has a control panel to operate the pilot light and flames, and holes in ceramic artificial logs for the flame jets. DEPENDABLE - Variable control Thermostat offers the most customizable heat settings, Ideal for greater heat flow that could add the warm atmosphere in your room. If you’re left-handed, congrats! The dimensions are 47 x 34.5 x 18 inches, with heart dimensions of 40 x 21.87 x 15.75. Use in Indoor, Gas Inserts, Vented, Electric, or Outdoor Fireplaces & Fire Pits. Luxury Ember Gas Log Makeover Bundle for DV & Vent Free Gas Fireplaces (Blacksmith Forge) ENHANCE YOUR FIRE TODAY With over 500 products to choose from, the “Enhance a Fire” brand is a Market Leader that specializes in the manufacturing of fireplace and fire-pit media products. And non-vented burning of natural gas or propane also produces water vapor as a byproduct, which can increase humidity levels and the risk of mold. Both require the same type of natural gas or propane connection, so there is no cost difference in terms of plumbing. We bought an antique mantel to put into our new house. At maximum capacity, this burnerÕs flame lasts approximately 2-4 hours (depending on room temperature and climate). If there is no ignition or if you smell something that you believe may be natural gas, this is not one of the gas fireplace problems you should attempt to fix on your own. Our gas fireplaces and gas log fireplace inserts are well worth it, offering your home the warmth of a real fire with a real flame. Additionally, make sure that the measurements for any internal wall fireplaces match the areas within your own home. For these reasons, both wood-burning fireplaces with traditional masonry chimneys and vented gas fireplaces are less prevalent than they once were. Ventless gas fireplaces, in particular, are popular because they're clean and easy to use. When shopping for gas logs, you'll find two basic types: gas logs that vent to the outside just like a wood-burning fireplace and gas logs that are not vented at all. If your gas pressure is not properly set, then gas fireplaces won’t stay lit. Enjoy the faux logs and glass crystals that take on the appearance of a traditional coal-powered fireplace or fire pit. Regal Flame Ethanol Fireplace Fuel and does not need electric, gas, chimney, venting, or fireplace gel cans. They are offered in a wide range of styles which can either be finished in a natural stain or painted. With any fireplace installation, a major issue is venting the exhaust gases, whether it is simple smoke from a wood-burning fireplace, or the exhaust fumes produced when you burn gas. SPECIFICATIONS: This Regal Flame bio ethanol tabletop fire pit fireplace is completely vent free. No more need to store and log wood, own a firewood rack, waste time on lighting and cleaning up ashes. In a traditional vented gas fireplace, there are two vents that run to the outside of the home. This pleasant hearth gas fireplace has dual fuel technology (LP or NG) and heats up to 700 square feet. wire. As with vented fireplace, ventless units usually have blowers that circulate air around the firebox to heat the room. See more ideas about fireplace, fireplace surrounds, gas fireplace. But one thing is for sure, a gas fireplace should have its heat output match the living room size, the area climate and the house's insulation level. With its log and crystal hearth options, this fireplace comes in 10 sizes: 28 inches, 36 inches, 40 inches and 40 inches (26.5 inches high), 45 inches, 50 inches, 50 inches (matte steel), 60 inches, 72 inches and 100 inches. This battery-assisted Piezo ignition has a built-in oxygen depletion sensor (ODS). Shop our top selection of ventless fireplaces & inserts today! This wall-recessed electric fireplace has eye-catching three-color flames. There are limitations, though. According to the industry group Vent-Free Gas Products Association, a patchwork of regulations across the United States controls the legality of ventless fireplaces. Up to 20,000 BTU's/hr heats up to 700 sq. We have one wood-burning fireplace and one gas fireplace. But how then, if it is known that these ventless units contrib… In order to install a vented gas fireplace, you must use a chimney or an exterior wall. This comprehensive guide will address all your concerns. No plumbing is required, as these units use alcohol-based gel fuel canisters that burn for up to three hours. If you’ve checked the breaker and are satisfied, the next place to go is to the electronic ignition check or perhaps a fuse depending on your model of fireplace. $699.99. Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 4. Choosing the best fireplace for your needs is easy with our detailed reviews and ratings. Glowing Wool Kit with Neon Ember Package for Vented Gas Fireplaces & Vented Gas Log Sets - Natural Sea (2 oz): Gas Logs - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases This fireplace is covered by a one-year limited warranty. Frame may not fit fully into the wall; Frame does not … The overall dimensions of this ethanol fireplace is 43.3W x 19.7H x 7.8D Inches / 110W x 50H x 19.8D cm. A ventless design will also help you save on the electricity expenses of an electric fireplace. Duluth Forge Dual Fuel Ventless Gas Fireplace - 32,000 BTU, Autumn Spice Finish . This non vented gas fireplace can easily produce 12,000 British thermal units (BTUs) that warm as much as 850 square feet in a room, with a dancing flame of 12 to 14 inches in height. Also known as unvented or vent-free fireplaces, a ventless gas fireplace operates with natural gas or liquid propane (LP) that flows into a gas burner mounted in the fireplace. But if you want the warmth without all the soot, ashes and dirt, then chances are it is. This dancing flame on this fireplace (13.97 x 8 x 7 inches / 35.5 x 20.5 x 18) can be seen anywhere from seven to 12 inches in height. FREE Shipping by Amazon. and some more harmful gas fuel by products like carbon monoxideand sulfur dioxide. How Much Does Repairing a Fireplace Cost? Troubleshooting an Electronic Ignition Furnace That Won't Light, 5 Common Problems With High-Efficiency Furnaces, Wood Heat vs. The fireplace burner insert is eco-friendly and produces 3.9K BTUs to warm a room of up to 400 square feet. Wood mantels and other combustible products must maintain proper clearances from … Vented gas fireplaces are somewhat better at retaining heat, but modern homes are now being built so airtight that even a vented gas fireplace may create negative air pressure that hinders good exhaust. Our factory features state of the art manufacturing equipment. The warranty for this fireplace covers the following parts: combustion chamber, heat exchanger, stainless steel burner, phazer logs and embers, rocks, ceramic glass, gold plated parts, porcelainized enameled components and aluminum extrusion trims. The intake vent draws fresh air into the fireplace while the exhaust vent safely removes fumes of the combustion (burning) proc… No outside duct or chimney needed! This compact gas vent-free stove is covered by a two-year warranty. Because there is no airflow to the outdoors, they do not create the negative pressure problems that can occur with a vented fireplace. 7. The good news is whether you decide on a wall-mounted vent fireplace or a corner ventless gas fireplace, neither will require a gas line, wood or firewood logs. Before purchasing the best ventless gas fireplace, know ahead of time what your landlord or condo association has to say about fireplaces. Venting a fireplace is especially complicated in retrofit installations, where it can be problematic to find a route for the chimney flue. Free shipping. Here are 16 stylish ways to decorate a non-functioning fireplace. However, ventless fireplaces have neither of the two outdoor vents found in vented units. Even though few homes today rely on fireplaces as their primary heating source, many homeowners still enjoy the ambiance of a warm fireplace. Napoleon manufactures gas and electric fireplaces, wood-burning fireplaces, gas & wood stoves. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Gas Inserts «Back. So you have a fireplace that doesn't actually work—but that doesn't mean it's totally useless. 9% efficient with Dual Precision Ported Vent Free gas burner. Louver kit and trim kit sold separately. The fire viewing area is 40 x 21-¾. You may also add a set of Regal Flame logs and/or pebbles. Also known as unvented or vent-free fireplaces, a ventless gas fireplace operates with natural gas or liquid propane (LP) that flows into a gas burner mounted in the fireplace. California is the only state that outright bans all ventless fireplaces, and there are notable restrictions in Massachusetts. (Some direct-vent fireplaces are vented with a single two-chamber vent pipe). Air flowing out a chimney vent flue can even prevent combustion gases from other appliances from exhausting properly. On the surface, a ventless gas fireplace looks quite similar to a vented fireplace. Skilled American workers manufacture the parts, assemble, and test our products. “Unvented” fireplaces vent exhaust to the interior of the building. However, they do have great benefits. For example, Gillespie notes a drawback of a gas furnace is that they tend to use up more fuel. Regal Flame produces quality fireplaces, fire pits, gas logs, firewood racks, covers, accessories and more, at affordable prices and is dedicated to address any product/service issues and is committed to delivering a 5 star experience for all buyers. If you enjoy chronicling your travels or daily experiences, you probably own a stack of dog-eared notebooks somewhere on your desk or bookshelf. Wood-burning fireplaces are inherently inefficient, since a good deal of the home's heat inevitably escapes up the flue rather than radiating into interior spaces. Ventless gas fireplaces have a feature called an oxygen detection system (ODS), which automatically turns off the unit if oxygen levels in the room fall below a certain level. ECONOMICAL - 99. Manufacturer warranty for 1 year from date of purchase. Low oxygen levels can be a concern with well-insulated homes that have a slow exchange of indoor and outdoor air. 9 percent efficient with dual precision ported vent-free gas burner, Variable control thermostat offers most customizable heat settings, Shuts down immediately if carbon monoxide or lack of oxygen is detected, Manufacturer warranty unclear on the site; ask before purchasing, One reviewer said fireplace will not light, Dual fuel technology allows the unit to be operated with Propane or Natural Gas. Heating Area-Heats up to 800 square feet. This is so that it can both take in air from the outside and then vent out the by-products from the flames inside the fire box. And it is not a good choice if anyone in your home suffers from breathing problems, such as asthma or COPD. Our beautiful electric fireplaces mimic the look of a real fire, do not require a chimney or vents, and plug into a standard electrical outlet for convenient set up. Full Size Ventless Natural Gas Fireplace in Tobacco With up to 32,000 BTU's, this state-of-the-art With up to 32,000 BTU's, this state-of-the-art vent free technology does not require a flue or chimney. We offer a wide array of modern and traditional mantels as well as media cabinet designs. ft. with a dancing flame of 7-12 inch in height. In many states, there are restrictions on where the home you can install a ventless fireplace—they may not be allowed in sleeping areas, for example. LEGEND G4 Gas Insert (28” x 18” viewing area) with AutoFire ™ LEGEND G3.5 Gas Insert (23 ⅝” x 15” viewing area) with AutoFire™ LEGEND G3 Gas … Rumbling or Roaring Noise: This could be an issue with your pilot light. 25 watching. Carbon Monoxide An odorless, tasteless and colorless gas… This non vented gas fireplace can easily produce 12,000 British thermal units (BTUs) that warm as much as 850 square feet in a room, with a dancing flame of 12 to 14 inches in height. But once it’s there, you may become so wrapped up in watching the flames that you’ll ignore your TV altogether. The cheapest way to have a ventless fireplace in your home is with gel-based units. While there are plenty of five-star reviews regarding the eight options above, there are also situations in which users either could not get the pilot to light or the fireplace continuously cut off. Of course, you could always invest in a free-standing fireplace and move it where it fits best. And if it all works out as you expect, you’ll be able to enjoy your eco-friendly fireplace for years to come. Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series, National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI). GASPRO Fireplace Ceramic Log Set for All Types Fireplace and Fire Pits, Electric, Gas… It can either be recessed into a wall or wall mounted as simple as a flat panel screen TV with wall mount. Another issue with fireplaces concerns the energy loss. Lee has over two decades of hands-on experience remodeling, fixing, and improving homes, and has been providing home improvement advice for over 12 years. The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI) observes that although fumes are greatly reduced, ventless fireplaces still release small amounts into the home, increasing the risk of carbon monoxide exposure. $19.99 $ 19. The only person who can truly answer that question is you. FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $99. Choose between the remote-controlled version or the thermostat-controlled version of this Duluth forge ventless gas fireplace. Also ensure that your burners are clean; dirty burners can also cause this … Our gas fireplace … This firebox ships with either cottage clay or refractory firebrick, and can heat up to 870 square inches of the viewing area. They must be installed either with an existing chimney that meets the local building code standards or they can be installed using a B vent which is a vent pipe that must be installed to the same parameters … DESIGNED FOR: This vent free portable tabletop fire pit bio ethanol fireplace can be used indoor or outdoor. A traditional vented gas fireplace (view example on Amazon), fueled by either natural gas or propane, has two vents that run to the exterior of the house. ft. Area. You can’t put a … HEAT: Easily produces 12,000 BTUs to warm a room of 850 sq. Both a gas fireplace and a gas furnace have certain things to consider. Skip the gas lines for gas logs, firewood logs for wood log fireplaces, burning through electricity for electric fireplaces, and wood for wood-burning fireplaces. Gas Inserts. 32,000 BTU 46 in. The two types of gas fireplaces function differently. You don’t need an outside duct or chimney for this eco-friendly, thermostat-controlled, arched door fireplace. We want to make the best choice for a gas fireplace to go in it. Buy Enhance A Fire! Visit our, Best Machine to Clean Tile Floors and Grout. And you can skip the ash cleanup, too. The overall dimensions of this ethanol fireplace is 13.97W x 8H x 7D inches / 35.5W x 20.5H x 18D cm; Weight: 6.6 lbs / 3 kg, Available in three colors (black, white, stainless steel), Several complaints about the lack of structure for the glass inserts, Built-in sleep timer automatically turns off the fireplace anywhere from 30 minutes to 7.5 hours, One user complained that the flames weren’t viewable in a bright room; best used in dimmer areas or at night, Enjoy Radiant Warmth and a Wide Viewing Area, Efficient and Economical Vent Free Application, Heat Circulating Air Ducts for Optional Blower Installation, Refractory Firebrick and Mesh Curtains for True Fireplace Appeal, Fits most 18-inch, 24-inch, 28-inch and 30-inch vent-free gas log sets, Not free standing, must be inserted into interior wall, Fireplace turns on/off at the flick of a switch for simple operation, Offers 50% flame and heat adjustment for maximum comfort and efficiency, The oxygen depletion sensor shuts the pilot off before oxygen drops below a safe level. Direct-vent gas fireplaces require two vents in the back: one that expels gases and another that draws in fresh air from the outside. A vented gas fireplace costs between $3,500 and $8,000 to purchase and have installed, depending on the amount of carpentry required to run the ductwork. Realistic Clean Burning Accessories 4PCS. Does not require any venting at all. If you’re a camper who loves the “real” fire feel, maybe this isn’t your first choice. SAFE - Battery assisted Piezo ignition with Built-in oxygen depletion sensor (ODS) immediately shuts down the heater if carbon monoxide or lack of oxygen is detected. Ventless gas fireplaces, in particular, are popular because they're clean and easy to use. Mar 30, 2017 - Explore Nancy Meyer's board "Gas fireplace surrounds" on Pinterest. ASSEMBLED IN USA - Product is proudly assembled in the USA. 99. NOT SURE WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR? … With its easy-to-follow instructions for wall mounting, you can choose hard-wiring or plugging to heat up a room as much as 400 square feet. No outside duct or chimney needed! Shamontiel L. Vaughn is a full-time, freelance editor/writer with 13 years of newspaper, magazine and online news experience. Ethanol is all you need to enjoy this wall mount fireplace. If this circulating vent-free firebox looks like it’s your style, choose between a louvered (GCUF) or clean-face design (GRUF). Our design studio team of … This is not as flexible as a ventless gas fireplace. We collect information from many stores for best price available. No outside duct or chimney is needed with this economical fireplace. 3 out of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - Duluth Forge Dual Fuel Ventless Gas Fireplace -26,000BTU, Heritage Cherry Finish. REAL FLAME: Unlike electric fireplaces inserts, Tealight Fireplace Log, candle holders, Hurricane Candleholders, Gel Fireplace Fuel Cans, gas, firewood logs, smoke, and no ash clean up. They also tend to be more efficient in converting … Some call them ventless gas fireplaces. You may hear the term unvented gas logs referred to as vent-free gas log fireplaces. LEARN MORE. This is why you may want to consider a vent-less glass fireplace instead. STYLISH - 5 hand painted realistic detailed logs using superior ceramic fiber and concrete materials for long lasting life. It’s the ideal choice to add a retro look to your home, as well as needed warmth. Since the ventless gas fireplace … This fireplace is covered by a one-year warranty. Vented or Non-Vented. Duluth Forge Dual Fuel Ventless Gas Fireplace -26,000BTU, Heritage Cherry Finish. You get the heat, the ambiance, the ability to heat up an area without using excess electricity (or additional portable heaters), and can enjoy the sight of it from your wall or free standing. The fireplaces may also have built-in CO (carbon monoxide) detectors that also automatically shut off the fireplace if high levels are detected. The dark frame also accentuates the colorful fire display, while keeping you snug and toasty. Of course an electric fireplace also saves you from the mess of cleaning up burning wood later.