. In obedience to the Law of Moses, forty days after my Son was born, Joseph and I went to Jerusalem to present my Son before the Lord and to redeem Him with two turtle doves. Anna, in the scene that follows this passage, “Talked about the child to all.” My encounters with Christ should lead to evangelization. Luke 2:41-51 – Each year his parents went to Jerusalem for the feast of Passover, and when he was twelve years old, they went up according to festival custom. 511). Yet here are the Son of God and His Mother, both purer than any of us will ever be, abiding by the Law that Christ Himself came not to abolish but fulfill. In this mystery, ask Mary to help you see and touch this goodness of Jesus in your own life. This truth, so illuminating because it puts into perspective everything that Jesus has come to do, yet so mysterious because we cannot comprehend its possibility and depth, is beyond anything we could ever have thought to experience. Trust in the Lord. Why not something bigger, something more becoming of a person of His stature and power?” The answer is that there is nothing bigger, nothing more becoming of a person of His stature and power then to do what none would think of, to do what no one and nothing else could possibly do of their own volition: to take on a nature below one’s own. Hundreds of miles away from Rome, the seat of power in this world, the true king of kings was born. A Transcendent Being who created the Universe from nothing, who created life itself, who created human beings in His image and likeness, has chosen to become that very image and likeness. After the Angel leaves, Mary visits her Cousin Elizabeth. "What happened to my Son?" We went and we were filled with joy to worship God with His people. . Did you not know I should be about My Father's business." #tab_container_10927 .wpsm_nav{ Maybe Mary’s heart skipped a few beats. She replies: “I am the servant of the Lord. God promised Simeon that he would see the Savior before he died. We pray that our Church leaders follow and faithfully exercise the teachings of Jesus Christ. border-radius: 0px 0px 0 0 !important; Each mystery is associated with a particular fruit, or virtue, which is illustrated by the actions of Christ and Mary in the event commemorated by that mystery. We pray for forgiveness for the times where we haven’t accepted God’s plan for us. } We pray that we continue to pray even when we doubt God answers us. But it seems like the heart of such questions stems from a far bigger issue: whenever we, human beings, expect more from God than what we receive or perceive, it is usually based on faults we have in our own expectations. Many of us tend to focus all year long on living in a nice home, driving a fancy car, and having that dream job. Join in a perpetual rosary with others around the world. Baby Jesus had no words to offer, only his presence. Why were Mary and Joseph astonished by Jesus' speech? He was created for God: He was created to obey His Father in all things. display:none !important; margin:0px; How much do you trust in God's mercy?11. Meditate on this important role of Mary.12. Meditating upon the mysteries of the Rosary and especially the Visitation, will direct your feet into the way of peace. Ponder these truths.5. They checked with friends and relatives first. We pray for mercy and the conversion for those who seek to harm the most innocent amongst us. God has humbled Himself to become man and the Mother of God gives birth in a stable. We pray that we make an effort to attend Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. She is all beautiful, all holy, all pure, the pearl of creation. Judea was a very long way from Nazareth, and travel in those days was anything but easy. Have you formed any close, spiritual friendships? margin-left:5px !important; Like Christ, we must be about the Father's business in our own lives—at every moment of every day. The angel asks her if she would consent to be the mother of Jesus. And it was enough to attract a lot of attention. Second Glorious Mystery - The AscensionYou go to sit at the right hand of the Father and to prepare a place for me. Be it done unto me according to your word.”. Each Mystery set contains five individual life events also referred to as individual mysteries, creating the rosary’s format. } In our lives too, God gives us spiritual friendships and soul-mates who help us grow closer to him. Reflect on Mary and Joseph's search for Jesus. THE NATIVITY. When evening came, Joseph and I came together and we did not find Jesus neither among our relatives nor among our friends. Your bead-by-bead guide to praying the Rosary. You may use them as they are written or adapt them as you wish. Meditate on Mary's journey.2. Joyful Mysteries. We cannot ignore her. font-family: Open Sans !important; Thank you Jesus for giving us so loving a Mother. -Luke 1:43-44. #tab_container_10927 .wpsm_nav-tabs > li > a:before { I am a virgin: I had intended to be a virgin the rest of my life even though I agreed to live with Joseph. Here are a few intentions I use for each mystery. Receive Updates. Mary shared in Jesus' mission of saving the human race. How do you worship the Lord? Mary says Yes to God without knowing the whole picture – what will happen and how it all will end. In our lives too, there are times when God asks us to make a choice that we do not fully understand, and the blessing reveals itself only later in time. In light of God's promise to Abraham, it can be deduced that God would grant to Mary a similar promise in the fact that she would have a multitude of spiritual children who would be counted among the elect. The Lord is with you.” But she was greatly troubled at what was said and pondered what sort of greeting this might be. -Genesis 22:17-18, Read more on Abraham's Sacrifice and it's relation to the Presentation here. [https://www.regnumchristi.org/en/mini-meditations-joyful-mysteries/], Luke 1:28, 31, 38. Childless until now, Elizabeth is beyond the normal childbearing years; she has even hid herself from the eyes of others because her pregnancy is so unexpected. Today’s rosary meditation is the Third Joyful Mystery — The Nativity. They even went beyond the letter of the Law because the whole family traveled to Jerusalem to observe the feast of Passover. Surely she helps her cousin who was late in pregnancy. But there are two sides to this coin. We are almost forced to ask: why so simplistic? But around the world, refugee families are separated. (Luke 1:26-33, 38)As an angel proclaimed the conception of Christ in Mary's virginal womb, so do mothers and fathers learn every day of the conception of their child.