So, I have recently cut HUNDREDS of diamonds… $8.00 . How to cut 60 degree triangles using the ruler you already own! Cut 60 degree diamonds up to 8 1/2 inches; hexies up to 8-1/2 inches; and 60 degree triangles up to 8-1/2 inches. Maximize the design potential by cutting them from strip sets. Quilt patterns commonly call for diamonds with 30-degree, 45-degree or 60-degree angles at their narrow points. Well - I also cut out a full quilt's worth of diamonds for one friend and a table runner's worth of diamonds for a couple other friends. The center of the quilt is composed of 60 degree diamonds. Inklingo makes diamonds easy with correct straight grain, precise lines, and matching marks. Previous Next. The ruler slides easily … Now lets sew those triangles together! Trim the selvedges. Cut … The diamonds we’ve provided with this issue are all 60-degree diamonds, which go together to make a six-point star. Along the way I decided to cut 60 Degree Diamonds from my scraps in order to have a hand-piecing project. The other most common shape in EPP is the 45-degree (eight-point) diamond. Then just input the size of the square or rectangle needed into the yardage calculator along with the number that need to be cut. The pointed angle (top in the picture) is the 60-degree angle and the flat angle (side in the picture) is the 120 degree angle. Referring to strip width numbers along lower section of Fons & Porter 60° Diamonds ruler, find the solid black line on the ruler that corresponds to the width of strip you cut… Maximize the design potential by cutting them from strip sets. Use your rotary cutter to slice off a 60 degree angle on one end. 1-1/4" 6 Point Diamond Fussy Cut Finder. There are even markings included to cut 120 degree side setting triangles. So, for example, suppose you have a 45 degree diamond and want to know the dimensions of a 45 degree diamond when you add a 1/4" seam allowance. 60 degree diamonds make a beautiful patchwork quilt… Cut to make another triangle. Cut 60 degree diamonds, hexies, and triangles up to 8-1/2 inches. Then, our exclusive gripper holds the fabric in place while cutting… The process to make 60 degree diamonds is the same as making 45 degree and 30 degree diamonds. All the directions for cutting 1" to 6" diamonds are distinctly printed on the clear acrylic ruler. Then place your ruler on your cut edge, which will … Love the tutorial on sewing 60° angles together with a greater degree of precision. From the Background fabric, cut 1 – 40" x 52" rectangle. Add to Cart . Start by cutting your fabric to the width of your triangles. You may have even noticed all these crazy lines before! There are even markings included to cut 120 degree side setting triangles. The secret to this quilt is the Creative Grids 60-Degree Diamond Ruler because that’s where the cutting magic happens.. For my particular quilt I used a Rolie Polie with 2 1/2″ strips, but you can skip the strip piecing and use any fabric you have which would make this quilt … See thru templates make it easy to exactly place your fabrics. Step 3) Line up your ruler and make your first cut about 4″ from the edge. This ruler is pretty much a "must have" for cutting quilt fabric that's been removed off the bolt. Inklingo PDFs with diamonds with 45°, 60°, and other diamonds … Inside: How to Make a Triangle Quilt. Last week we learned how to cut our 60 degree triangles. Diamonds are such a great shape for quilting. That's it! Complete instructions as well as Patchwork Ideas are included. The 60 Degree Diamond Mini Ruler may be smaller than it’s companion, but it has more than enough tricks up its sleeve!. There are even markings included to cut 120 degree side setting triangles. Quilt Designer Krista Moser of The Quilted Life developed the 60 Degree Diamond Mini Ruler for Creative Grids to help you make sharp and accurate diamonds… This is a great (much needed) review tutorial. It comes with fully illustrated step by step instructions or scan the QR … Style Name:60 Degree Diamonds Ruler Fons & Porter 60 Degree Diamonds Ruler is a specialty ruler designed by Liz Porter to cut precise 60-degree diamonds that finish from 1" to 6" tall. The most popular quilting ruler is the 6 x 24 ruler in this picture above. Now for the sewing: You’ll sew the three shapes together in three separate steps, first joining two shapes to make … There are even markings included to cut 120 degree side setting triangles. Diamond templates are fabulous for cutting quick and precise diamond shapes for your quilt. The ruler slides easily over the fabric until pressure is applied. How to Cut Triangles Using Your Cutting Mat. For our project, we wanted 6″ triangles so we cut our fabric at 6″ by the width of the fabric. Well they are perfect for cutting 60 degree triangles. There are two 60 degree lines that criss […] Customer Service: 270.534 ... 1-3/4" 6 Point Diamond Fussy Cut Finder. Diamonds can also be created using 60 degree triangle templates! If you want a smaller centre, have at it! 1/2" 6 Point Diamond Fussy Cut Finder. 3. But, then you have to piece them together (cue dramatic music) and nothing makes quilters retreat to a pile of … *****Diamonds can be cut from fabric based on the finished size of the diamond PLUS 3/4” (3/8“ seams on each end). To make a quilt that is approx. Today I'm chiming in with a tutorial for cutting diamonds for the Kingfisher quilt. To continue cutting triangles, place the 60-degree line of the ruler along the bottom edge of the strip and the edge of the ruler at the top of the strip. The perfect companion for your next quilt project. Increase your diamond design possibilities with the 60 degree Diamond Ruler. Krista Moser's 60 Degree Diamond Ruler is a multi-use tool, able to cut 60 degree diamonds up to 16.5", hexies up to 8.5" and 60 degree triangles up to 8.5". If you are making your own template the markings on your cutting mat will show you how. This method will work for tumblers, 30, 45 and 60 degree diamonds… The ruler is also fitted with a flat tip so when you sew up your pieces, the sewn fabric … We are going to cut 60 degree diamonds, then cut them in half. 3/4" 6 Point Diamond Fussy Cut Finder. The ruler slides easily over the fabric until pressure is applied. 3" (7.6cm), 4" (10cm), 5" (12.7cm) Package contains an acrylic template in each of the sizes listed above. Step 2) Using the lines on the cutting mat- find the 45 degree angle. For bias hem tape I use the width of 2 1/4″. The shape calculator will do the math for you. Maximize the design potential by cutting them from strip sets. Maximize the design potential by cutting them from strip sets. Diamonds 1. Below are some step by step pics and instructions which should help you use the Rhombus template (diamond… 60 Degree Shapes with No Math, Quilting 401 How to Measure and Cut 60 Degree Diamonds, 60 Degree Triangles, and Hexagons; Making Six Pointed Stars, T by Sharon Hultgren; Sharon Holtgren ISBN 13: 9781881588085 ISBN 10: 1881588084 Paperback; West Warren, Massachusetts, U.s.a.: Ez Quilting by Wrights, … Diamond designs are more fun when you don't have to measure 45°, 53.5°, 60°, 72° or other angles with rulers or templates. I like the clarity you use in explaining … You don’t need any fancy rulers to cut triangles. The 60 Degree Diamond Ruler is able to cut 60-degree diamonds up to 16.5″, hexies up to 8.5″ and 60-degree triangles up to 8.5″. The process for cutting 60-degree-angle diamonds is similar to the process for cutting 45-degree-angle diamonds with the exception that you’ll use the 60-degree-angle marking on the ruler instead. All three types of diamonds are cut from strips of fabric that are 1/2" wider than the finished height of the diamond. 24" on each side and 50" across the center, you will need to cut 90 diamonds. This ruler also … 4. You will need: 6 diamonds for the 1st round. Whether you quilt … I use normal printing paper, but you can use a … The bigger the triangles, the more I suggest using spray starch and pins. Today I will share some tips and tricks to sewing them together. Make the first cut using the 60 degree mark on your ruler. Step 2: Using 2 1/2" strips, sew the strips in the order shown in the diagram … Add to Cart . Add to Cart . Measure X” from that edge and cut a fabric diamond. If you own a quilter's ruler with a 60 degree mark, and a dull rotary cutter (don't use one you're still using for fabric) or a craft knife, you can cut as many diamond templates are you want. $8.00 . Assuming your cutting mat has a 60º line, you can cut still cut triangles. This corner piece will not be used, so stash it away in your scrap basket. Choose fabrics for the small outside diamonds and cut 10 – 3" diamonds using the 3" height line on the 60º Diamond ruler. Cut 60 degree diamonds up to 8.5"; hexies up to 8.5"; and 60 degree triangles up to 8.5". I like to to sew the diamonds pieces together in rows so there are NO “y” seams to contend with!! 12 diamonds … The grips included on all Creative Grids rulers make cutting these shapes quick with no sliding around! $8.00 . These tips work with any size equilateral triangles. Step 4) Using the new cut, line up your ruler to the correct width. Or, these may be chosen and cut after designing the center star. Cut … The tumbling block tutorial uses a diamond with 60-degree and 120-degree angles. Here's an example of some 60-degree … Can be cut with a rotary cutter or scissors. 2. Set two triangles next to one … Cut. If you loved the Creative Grids 60 Degree Diamond Ruler, then you’ll want to give the mini version a go! Slots cut in templates to mark sewing lines. To cut diamonds, cut strip desired width (for Ozark Star Table Topper, cut strips 5½" wide for large diamonds and 3" wide for small diamonds). You will also need "Y" shape inserts to complete a 60 degree diamond … If desired, the binding strips may be cut … Includes even markings to cut 120 degree side setting triangles and can also cut parallelograms and trapezoids. Below you'll find both video and image+text tutorials for this technique with clear, step-by-step instructions. From the Binding fabric, cut 5 – 2-1/2" x 42" strips. PLUS—if you've found this lesson useful, you can download a copy of this AND many more … You will need (15) 5" width of fabric (WOF) cuts for the quilt top. Cut the strip. The classic quilting use for this calculation is for seam allowances. You can continue cutting triangles, or you can save the leftover piece for later -- it already has a 60-degree angle, and you'll find something to attach it to later. $8.00 . 1-1/2" 6 Point Diamond Fussy Cut … I plan to use the English Paper Piecing Method to make stars from these Diamonds. This will vary on different ruler brands, but most have a 30 or 60 degree line. Quarter-inch … While hexagon shapes can be quite fiddly to cut without a template, diamonds are another matter. They are versatile and can make a blah pattern visually stunning by tricking the eye to follow the diagonal instead of the typical squares or rectangles. Cut 60 degree diamonds up to 8.5"; hexies up to 8.5"; and 60 degree triangles up to 8.5". Learn how to make sweet keepsakes and works of art that last as long as gems themselves with this compilation of free diamond quilt patterns.<br /> <br /> You don't need to be an expert to make something as beautiful as a diamond quilt because this guide provides a list of block and quilt patterns for quilters of all levels. Today, I’m sharing a sweet baby quilt that goes together quickly. MAIN DIAMOND PAGE. Details, like the ones you explain, matter a lot! This lesson is very valuable for quilting and everyday sewing to make an average quilt a spectacular quilt. For creating diamonds - always add ⅝" to your finished diamond measurement. Then, our exclusive gripper holds the fabric in place while cutting… Step 1: Cut 60 degree diamonds using the 60 degree mark on your Omnigrid Ruler (line it up on the edge of your strip of fabric) . Add to Cart . Just print, cut, and sew! 30-degree triangles are a common shape, used frequently for diamond rectangle units and setting triangles. Continue cutting to get the needed number of diamonds for your block. Since this is a common quilting shape, you might like to follow along even if you aren't making this particular quilt. In the example below, I am cutting for a much larger quilt … Take the special shapes that you want to cut and figure out if the closest shape is a rectangle or a square. The strip of fabric should be 4 1/2" wide - or whatever width you like. The second photo shows a close up where the line is. You can also find other variations, including 30-degree (twelve-point) and 72-degree (five-point) diamonds… The calculator is versatile allowing you … Ruler includes .25" seam allowance. If you do 12 diamonds in each color, you will need 1/3 yard of 7 fabrics and 1/4 yard of another.