Turn on the bulb for three-to-five seconds and then off for three-to-five seconds. I have tried the below; Reinstalled all apps. I bought a 3rd generation BR30 bulb and I am having nothing but issues every time I power the off then then on a few hours later it resets. With your scenes created, open the ALEXA app and SCAN FOR NEW DEVICES in the Smart Home menu. Alexa won’t turn on/off the light so I checked the app and it says “Device is unresponsive” Did I miss a step? Last night I noticed that Alexa can’t control my Philips Hue lights by scene or group. Reconnect the service in the proper location: Alexa app … Something’s I did to trouble shoot are removed all the other devices from the Alexa app and add only the Lifx app and no change. Cloud account has authorized Alexa. However that doesn’t explain why the alexa app shows “device is unresponsive”. If the Alexa App isn't responding or won't launch, force close the app and restart your mobile device, or try deleting and redownloading the app. Don't continue until firmware update is COMPLETE. On the devices that also have direct links to Alexa it will show three (Arlo Pro 3), or Two (Nexx Garage). Everyone has trouble with them dropping off the network. save. share. Echo has discovered the bulb. Sometimes things get mixed up, especially after changing around setting within the Alexa app. 100% Upvoted. and a couple of windows devices. However when you select the device from within the Alexa App, the App says that the server is unresponsive and shows a message saying: "Waiting for