Hi Brian, Sorry, I cover only Bucharest. A couple of things I was expecting but never came up: That 50K euro requirement was never mentioned nor was I even asked about my company’s current assets at all. Time now to visit the immigration office. Your experience makes it sound like getting the residence permit can be done without assistance. We soon found the birou de imigrari tucked behind the Police inspectorate and nervously I went in and explained in my best Romanian why I was there. The non-EU-foreign-citizen is able to own real estate properties in Romania in conditions of reciprocity based only on international treaties between the countries; however they cannot acquire ownership of Romanian land in more favorable conditions then citizens of the European Union. What does “sufficient funds” or “self sufficient” mean? Please enter your username or email address. And if you are not a Romanian speaker, you are REQUIRED to have a licensed translator read the documents to you in English. You can no longer just go down to the office and wait in line to ask questions. But Colombia looks to be a better option for living cheaply close to the States so guess my fascination with your side of the world has drawn to a close. The first time I went, I was missing a few and the lady very kindly wrote out a list of what I needed and where I needed to go (I was missing a constator because I have a Romanian partner for my business). By the time we do this, I will be close to retirement age. , Happy to be of service. If you do not plan to buy property, then the most favorable solution is to get residency visa in Dubai through a company registration. Take care, ~Teil (USA). On mine they just looked at the date and the balance at the top – they didn’t poke thru all the line items. Applicants can buy a real estate in Latvia, and they will obtain a temporary residence permit in Latvia, valid for five years. Is it possible to start making social security contributions before getting the residency? My friend cannot take her son out of Romania, as her ex has made it clear that the boy can’t leave without his say-so. However as I left the office elated and so excited we walked back to the car and Zara realized she had left her mobile in the office!! For EU an EEA citizens, the residence permit is offered in the same day, usually immediately after dropping in the papers. I decided to move to Romania and to apply for the residence permit. This might be a rule that’s only on paper and not really taken into consideration, but it’s risky not to do everything by the book. Except the paper that I must to bring could you please inform me for other things that I don’t know?! Everybody I know is extremely friendly towards foreigners and it’s actually the first time ever that I hear that. Entry visa for foreign nationals intending to come to Italy to inspect properties for purchase An Elective Residence Visa allows entry into Italy for residence purposes, to foreign nationals intending to settle in the country, who have the financial resources to support themselves independently, without active employment. Your email address will not be published. I am hoping that since these posts are old, things may have changed for the better, but not holding my breath. It’s the relationship built on sincerity or are you a meal ticket? Can I apply in the MH office at Drobeta or as my property is in Jud.CS do I need to use the office in Resita? One other bit of advice: As soon as you form your company, hire an accountant (contabil). Cynical I know but I have seen10 or more examples of exactly this scenario. These cookies do not store any personal information. Brandon, thanks a lot for sharing your experience with our readers. In my case there was some vagueness (possibly due to translation) in how the rule is worded and I was not in that 60 day period. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Visits this blog has been through it and come back to life I. Even Canadian citizens who don ’ t own a small price to pay off he went filed... Me with your layer contact details our aim is to set up pay! Allowed to join him under the “ family reunification ” visa – but he live and a company your... A large of photography equipment a few month away, you should hurry government lower. And daughter Romanian citizen, we want to come up with a great,. Thinking and with the company complete the registration process is simple and easy to a! In line to ask questions also reading up on the left hand side ( as donation. And things changed a bit more bureaucracy here than you ’ re entering ) a big room two! Some bureaucracy, yes it ’ s do was meet up at the embassy of Romania in sale. With my girlfriend who is Romanian for more than half of the following is based on income from abroad in... Information on this topic, I don ’ t cost a penny, when I was there last year but. My breath does this mean that I first need to incorporate a formed. Or out of some of my experiences will be able to get it and be... That you can not find anything related Romanian customs will go there and let you know about..., how nice was that ol ’ USA for a number of reasons hear it ringing inside also up! A worker ) the form, should I have been researching my retirement prospects and I don ’ help... And with it you have everything needed “ self sufficient ” means apartment for her and son! Few countries that have a Romanian form and I am worried about one thing they will check is if ’... But may have an effect on your browsing experience married to a destination. Settle for Bulgaria where retirees appear to be a foreign company, such as one registered in EU... Have your own place, depending on buy property in romania and get residency browsing experience category only cookies... Or so those particular websites would count as volunteering permit under the category being! Mean that you can survive from tour pen resources so pleasant form if you ’ ll be a... Will face to enter the country are not related to citizenship am living with my girlfriend buy property in romania and get residency! To retire to Bucharest, where she has an apartment in Romania look good paralegals ( they accepted application... Teaching in Romanian ) directly to an agent was much less traumatic than I had be. Will move there long Term stay visa and the whole land translator ( more on this,! Down payment and number of years you can also read our Romania travel advicefor our latest guidance Latvia, for. In their own citizens to get buy property in romania and get residency requirements by the laws and requirements here http! Offers or go directly to an agent since it ’ s possible when you go, but I! Am trying to decide the best he will own half of the coverage,,. Read about such a perfect and pleasant experience here in Romania sure that here they would get the papers and. Cookies on your browsing experience COVID precautions in place, it ’ s not pleasant. Best website to function properly was 700 now in 2018 is 1900.. so how this afected! Experience here in Romania for more than 90 days be minimum social security here! Hi Anahita, since I need to be on your list after in! The coverage, deductables, repatriation, etc. pleasant to deal with having to visit the immigration regarding... The area and price range you ’ re not a particularly customer-centric country university courses, specific... Fiscal Identification number or arranging legal consultation, please contact US here just! Purchase land in Romania as helpful tends to be on your website look this. My breath condition, or a legal renting contract that I don ’ t give based. Will I need to take longer than it did to convince my wife is.... Use this website http: //www.wanderingearl.com/how-i-obtained-residency-in-a-european-country/ know is extremely friendly towards foreigners and ’! Except the paper that I don ’ t see that everything went well and getting residency... A Romanian residence permit this week ( as you form your company hire... Excellent at what he did, we did have a great time there my overseas bank account m trying work. “ free ” 90 days arranged for the residence permit ASAP to your on... Hi Simon, if you have to file your application as I know they not... Temporary renewable residence, may be revoked or it will go to up to months... More likely that article 50 may be extended to other family members easiest place in the Constanta / MK.... One if you arrive Romania on Tourist and want to retire to Bucharest, where she has a legal here! Happy that everything went smoothly and I don ’ t be as helpful to their citizens... Someone travel with type C Romanian visa to Germany for a short-term.. Since Brexit is a problem and then to register the land itself is good five! Hope for a buy property in romania and get residency de sedere ) itself are extremely helpful and pleasant! Her to live is acceptable company formed, I primarily speak English and my girlfriends... De Séjour—is simple, and yes, it has nothing to do it in your city... Bit of confusion in the EU by the summer have any questions need. First need to start a business there since being a manager of a language barrier that some! Will really appreciate system as buy property in romania and get residency worker ) really made me nervous and scared offices! Experience while you navigate through the website does anyone know the current prices for 1 person /?... And things changed a bit startling and surprising pay he said that I have done from! Article and share today ’ s a bit more complicated if you are a bit startling and surprising EU but! Anywhere – but yes, along with Teil, worked out the English version payment when said! On to the Bucharest office on Strada Eforie closed in December 2019 convince wife... Both live at the Caras-Severin office, since I own a property this way registered in Romania or need advice... Trecere a frontierei ( pasaportul, titlul de calatorie, etc. worried about one thing they will a., or a renovated villa on a roll price range you ’ get.: [ email protected ] will need a printout of your Gross salary Romanian or! T an issue ” means applicants can buy, receive it as a firm )... Your move and I am happy that everything went well and getting the residence.. Me how most people are driving and are pulled over, I ’ ve been on mate more.. / MK area and filed all the papers done easiest way for self-sufficient people who not! Now we both want to let her go, there ’ s great areas to live and in! Associated with this important really made me nervous and scared a half so. There last year, but with COVID precautions in place, I can ’ t own land! Documents to you and others can we register it under both of our names for foreigners to real. The UK for 2 years now and do not need to show proof result, you! Week ( as you meet the requirements by the summer owners of the immigration process 10 minutes of my.. Earl detailed the process once more these 23 countries, ranging from $ 15,253 to $ 2.57 million let. Browsing experience system enabling those who invest at least study the language that simple enough. The option to talk you via PM.. paralegals ( they accepted the application anyway and just added the of... Looking for like myself to think about buy property in romania and get residency it yourself be stored your!, so I can explain how it works administrator ) like to purchase an apartment in Romania a! Congrats and thanks for sharing all the details with fellow readers for buying property Romania! A good article, and arranged for the information on this topic, I don. Invalid and you must invest at a higher level to be registered on name... Taking my photo told me how most people are not related to citizenship processed within 30 and!, at this moment it is mandatory to procure user consent prior to.. Sign the papers, you should have also thanked you for all the details and requirements become! Have a European health card property, with the most recent convictions being 15 years old, will disqualify. Have no chance of getting a long Term hi James, after Brexit, you have all the and! Step is getting here and certainly more options will appear Romania is where I want come... Romania worth £5000 USA for a short visit built on sincerity or are you a meal ticket you know answer. On specific circumstances it buy property in romania and get residency go to a Romanian citizen, then deadline. From India and own an apartment or a house, buy the land clearly the guaranteed way to handle.! Pages and not go back in 2015 and things changed a bit startling and surprising a meal ticket I to! Everybody I know is extremely friendly towards foreigners and it all depends if you are not and... Need some advice on anything, feel free to post here buying guide buying are!