Unlike many other national parks in Vietnam, Tam Dao houses a different variety of species which adapts to their drier and cooler air. some of them can possibly be found in the national parks such as Cat Tien, but others are so rare that you will almost certainly not see them. Vietnam is ranked 16th in the world according to biological diversity and is home to approximately 16% of the world’s species. Their number is increasing each year. Tarantulas (and other species / sizes of spiders – some the size of dinner plates), red ants, and black horseflies all hurt like hell when they bit. Other interesting animals in Vietnam include: One of the strangest (and most fun!) Here, these animals live in open forest up to 1,076 feet. Offhand, crossing a Vietnamese street can like a feat for daredevils, but I assure you there’s a simple trick to it. Someone once said that Vietnam was home to 100 different species of snakes – 98 were poisonous and the other 2 could crush a person to death. Crocodiles in Vietnam come in two main types: the Siamese crocodile and the saltwater crocodile. Indonesian Sea Wasp. TOURIST WARNING: Human Organ Trafficking in Vietnam - free link. manatdollar. If that’s not enough to sway you, then keep in mind that swine blood has some lethally bad bacteria. There are plenty of amazing places to go sea swimming in Vietnam. Ready for a death wish? These species include 15,986 varieties of flora, 10% of which are endemic to the country, 310 mammals, 840 birds, 260 reptiles, 120 amphibians and 7,750 types of insects. experiences I’ve had so far in Vietnam was my visit to the crocodile farm at Suối Tiên Amusement Park, Ho Chi Minh City (District 9). It’s too hard for most people to remember which of Vietnam’s 140 snakes are poisonous, and which are not. Just be careful not to let go of it when the alligators snap, as they like to roll around on the line when they strike! It is one of the most threatened primates of the world. Within Southeast Asia, Vietnam supplies international markets, particularly China, with a variety of plants and animals. Habitat occupation and human disturbance are the biggest threats to the species. I was rewarded afterwards with five servings of cơm tấm by the bride's grandmother, who didn't understand English (and my requests for her to stop). Grab) which you can use with your phone app. Only about 250 Delacour's Langurs are believed to survive in the wild as of 2010. Beyond destination forums. If so, then read on! Jellyfish is beautiful, even though some of them is very dangerous. scottj765. Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia that sits along the South China Sea. 1. Just go slow and with caution. And it’s growing, with more than … You are not likely to find dangerous animals in Vietnam. John P. 12,126 forum posts. For those interested, here are 10 poisonous snakes which live in Vietnam (or its waters): Vietnam might not immediately spring to mind as a habitat for large cats, compared to a country like India or South Africa. The snub-nosed monkey (utterly adorable). It is believed that this population is too small to sustain itself for long. Historically, the Siamese crocodile lived throughout Southeast Asia. Vietnamese Animals. It almost entirely vanished from Vietnam before it was reintroduced at the Cat Tien National Park. Accommodation – Hostels start around 100,000 VND (4 USD) per night for the most basic accommodation. Unfortunately, habitat loss and poaching are serious problems—not to mention the use of endangered animals for traditional medicines . Two subspecies of the critically endangered Trachypithecus poliocephalus survive today. It is also called the Vietnamese leaf turtle as Vietnam is one of the countries where it occurs. Here are some ideas to minimize your contact with them: Here’s a useful video from The Traveling Scientist on why mosquitoes are attracted to humans, and way to avoid them: If you’re planning on camping out in the jungle in Vietnam, you don’t need to worry too much about predators attacking you in your sleep. They are extremely rare, residing in the large forests. The park is home to 281 species which include many rare animals such as the white-cheeked black monkey, silver pheasant, Tam … We currently track 142 animals in Vietnam and are adding more every day! The country is known for having a high level of biodiversity. By Oishimaya Sen Nag on March 29 2019 in Environment. Malaria and dengue fever combined have a hand in around 60 deaths annually. 14,442 forum posts. Antelope. Vietnam Travel Costs. All animals are prepared on our list oday with the title of 17 dangerous animals in Indonesia. The unexpected can always happen. Mamushi don’t get the reputation of being one of the most dangerous animals in Japan and the most venomous snakes for nothing. The wide range of temperature allows many dangerous, poisonous and venomous species of reptiles, insects and arachnids to thrive in massive numbers. Again, however, rest assured that most tourists and expats are unlikely to ever see them. Siamese Crocodile The Crocodylus siamensis or the Siamese crocodile is one of Vietnam’s most threatened animals. Regrettably, hunting is a particualirly big problem in Vietnam, don't have very high expectations. Yes, troops were mauled by tigers. Much of Vietnam is hot and humid most of the year. The country has become increasingly more integrated with the … Other than that, I haven’t seen crocodiles or alligators in the wild in Vietnam. This includes malaria, dengue fever and Japanese encephalitis. Cpl. Many animals in the wild tend to leave people alone if they are left alone. It is also a major illegal wildlife trade conduit. Jeff Myers on Hill 358, Danang, in December 1968 during the Vietnam War. Decades of neglect have claimed the lives of thousands of wild animals in Vietnam. Only about 1300 to 2000 wild members of this species is estimated to survive today. Camels have long taken part in combat operations, most notably in the Middle East and North Africa during both World Wars. The types of big cats which live in Vietnam include leopards, snow leopards and tigers. I’ve included some useful statistics about each of them in 2020, below: Quite simply, the most dangerous creature in Vietnam (according to the statistics) is the mosquito. It is critically endangered. The animal was poached to supply its body parts to produce traditional medicines. As a general rule of thumb, avoid snakes if you see them! With coastlines, swampy river deltas, various types of tropical rainforests, caves and lush mountain ranges, Vietnam is fortunate when it comes to biodiversity. Dangerous, poisonous snakes in Vietnam include the Fea’s Viper, Red River Krait, the Golden Banded Snake and the King Cobra. International wildlife protection societies have also collaborated with the Vietnamese government in this regard. With Animals Asia signing Memorandums of Understanding ... As zoonotic diseases become more dangerous, Vietnam moves toward cracking down on wildlife trafficking. This extraordinary looking creature is a lantern bug called Pyrops candelaria.. The Delacour's Langur’s largest population is found in the Van Long Nature Reserve. The Vietnam War was no different, and there among all of the combat, lodged deep within the remote, dangerous jungles permeated by gun smoke, blood, mosquitos, and the cacophony of war are strange encounters with things that should not exist. I'm Phil Teale, a British traveller living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The Nomascus concolor or the black crested gibbon is also one of Vietnam’s most threatened species. Ant. at the end, that was what it was like …but worse! It is endemic to the Cát Bà Island island in the country. What is the most dangerous animal in Vietnam? There are about 20 Indochinese tigers, perhaps 400 leopards and probably far fewer snow leopards (which comprise just 4,000 worldwide). Of course, you might still be concerned (or just curious) about what kinds of dangerous animals Live in Vietnam, where they’re likely to turn up, and what you should do if you meet them. Nonetheless, it is wise to be wary if wading beyond the shoreline. However, many of Vietnam's wild areas have become denuded habitats. Below is a list of some of the most threatened wild animals of Vietnam. One common question is: are there sharks in Halong Bay Vietnam? People have died from eating this dish. Top 5 Most Dangerous Things to Do in Vietnam 1. At least, that is, statistically. Their bites cause tissues to liquify, or in an easier term to understand, to melt. Tiết canh is a traditional dish in northern Vietnam made with fresh duck or pig’s blood. The Geoemyda spengleri is a turtle species found only in Southeast Asia. What predators are in Vietnam? It’s hardly surprising, therefore, that most of the wildlife is highly tropical. I've seen photos of this critter before but this was the first time I'd come across it in real life, so it was exciting to come across it below the lower tier of Bousra waterfall shortly after dusk. These include the Haploelma (Vietnamese Tarantula), two-striped jumping spider (Telamonia dimidiata) and the banded phintella (Phintella vintata). We are compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site. There are poisonous spiders in Vietnam but you would be unlucky to find any, even in rural areas. The sacrifice of animals for traditional medicine preparations have pushed many species to the brink of extinction. November 26, 2019 First evolved 100 million years ago! Do it with a group first and then you know what? I have certainly never seen one outside of the zoo during my years here! There are also local versions of Uber (e.g. However, your chances of meeting one of them, even when scuba diving, are extremely low. What poisonous snakes live in Vietnam? If you ever saw Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom, where the bad guy falls into the river full of alligators (crocodiles?) They live on trees in small groups generally at high altitudes ranging from 2100 to 2400 m above sea level. These are broadly: Indian elephants, bears (black bear and honey bear), Indochinese tigers and Indochinese leopards as well as smaller animals like monkeys (such as snub-nosed monkey), bats, flying squirrels, turtles and otters. Big cats in Vietnam are included amongst the country’s 310 mammals. Rare and endemic antelope-like animal, categorized under the bovine subfamily, was found in 1992, in Bạch Mã National Park.In the 1990s, three other large mammal species, the deer-like Truong Son muntjac, giant muntjac and Pu Hoat muntjac, were also discovered, the first two in the same park. Exotic animals are only a fraction of what you'll see in Vietnam that you can't see and experience anywhere else. They’re kept at a distance by fencing, but it’s still a bit unnerving! With tropical rainforests, jungle, swamps and rivers, Vietnam has a great deal of biodiversity. Only about 20 members of this tiger subspecies live in Vietnam. I have lived in Vietnam for nearly two years and I will say this. Habitat loss and hunting for food and sale in the wildlife black market are the primary threats to the Tonkin snub-nosed monkey. The country is filled with Cobras, Kraits, Vipers, and more. In James F. Dunnigan and Albert A. Nofi's book Dirty Little Secrets of the Vietnam War: Military Information You're Not Supposed to Know there was a chapter on encounters with tigers during the war. That makes the bulls aggressive, and dangerous not only to humans, but to elephants and other animals as well. Mamushi bit between 2000 to 3000 people every year, and victims usually require one week of treatment in the hospital. : Arguments For And Against, California Condor Facts: Animals Of North America, The Causes And Effects Of Ocean Pollution. However, its fame has been unable to ensure its survival as it is now a critically endangered species. Less than 70 individuals of the subspecies are known to exist in the present day. In fact, this species occurs only in Vietnam. Four geographically separated subspecies of this gibbon survive in a fragmented range including parts of northern Vietnam, China, and Laos. Bungarus flaviceps– Red-headed Krait, Yellow-Headed Krait, Kinabalu Krait The country is heavily forested and mountainous. Bringing A Dog To Vietnam: All You Need To Know. The Trachypithecus delacouri or the Delacour's Langur is another critically endangered species found in Vietnam. Many other species found in Vietnam are also highly threatened like the critically endangered grey-shanked douc langur, several threatened turtle species, the crested argus, an endangered bird, and more. 7,330 forum posts. Naturally, this raises the question about sharks. Camels drafted by the U.S. Army fled to Canada in the 19th century. They are fierce predators with the ability to hunt and kill young whales.

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