back pain ever, pain in shoulders and hips, definitely wouldn’t recommend a Tempur to anyone with existing back pain, no doubt about it, it had made mine worse. I would certainly recommend the mattress, I am delighted with it. One company that is seeking to take advantage of the best that new and old has to offer is Saatva. It's cool to the touch when you first lay down, but in the middle of the night it's hot just like all beds. Exchanged it for LuxeBreeze 8•. Fortunately that is not necessary for me, but worth considering before buying. In fact this mattresses cause severe back pain and poses a health risk. I used to have to sleep with a pillow under my knees, no more. Learn more about the specifics of these mattresses below! The delivery was on time taken to the room fitted to bed and all the packaging taken away. I don't feel anything differently yet, but I expect that it may sag soon. I've got to get in touch with dreams to see if I can change the mattress which I'm not looking forward to doing as this mattress is awful. I do use the UK cooking matters cover and sheets though. I really liked it when we tested it in the shop, but it took a few weeks to get used to it at home. Customers generally like their mattresses, but there have been some complaints about durability. I'm primarily a side sleeper and wake up much less and do not feel the need to toss and turn to relieve pressure points. This is our second Tempur-Pedic. The smell took a long time to fade though, Delighted with my new mattress. Definitely recommend ! We sincerely hope that whatever your interaction with this site, that it is helpful and timely for you, and that the product information here guides you to the best outcome for your daily life. Dormeo Details Support Core: Foam Price Range: Luxury ($2,500-$4,000) Tagline: Sleep is beautiful. It comes rolled up, and then you open it and roll it out. I have degenerative joint disease and recently had TKR surgery. I’ve purchased a tempur sensation sublime in benson bed in may delivery following June 2017! We had our first night on a Tempur sensationelit last night and it was a disaster! Hurts my shoulders. Heavy to move around, so handles on sides would help! I think these are pilowas they can not sell. Hello, Which memory foam mattress should I buy? It has also resulted in some shoulder and neck pain. I knew I was taking a risk when I selected this mattress because it is new technology, but overall I really like the feel. May all benefit! Very comfy mattress, great nights thing I have ever brought. So what’s the company 10 year worranty!? This means most sleepers leave positive feedback, but there are some rare low reviews. My wife and I knew that the Tempur-Pedic ProBreeze was the mattress that we were going to purchase from the moment that we laid on it. I got the Tempur Original 21 and it is the worst mattress I have ever had - it overheats and manages to be too soft and hard at the same time. It's really comfy and I'm very happy with it. Average sleepers find these mattresses to last more than a few years. However, the pro breeze pillow is much too thick and was a total waste of money. I finally took it off and it feels better without it. Tempur said the dipping was under 30% and therefore not covered by warranty. Having slept on it for 3 months now, I can feel a difference in my back. It is really comfortable and curves to my body when I sleep, which is exactly what I was looking for! A little hard getting used to, but am liking it better now and have been sleeping well. very disappointed to receive instructions to do Tempur's job and the fact that the warranty cover "Visible 2cm indentation" which is more like extream scenario only. There is no dip in the mattress but at times I've sunk so far into it, that I've struggled to get out. It comes with a bamboo rayon cover. I will update before the sleep trial to see if my thought has changed. But no! I emailed Tempur via their website twice to say that. See how it all works here. No more back pain! Thought my old mattress & topper could not be beaten but it has. We are extremely pleased with the cool, plush, even support of the LuxBreeze Soft mattress provides. Smiths the Rink I bought it from told me I had to adapt to it but if I wanted to swap it there’s would be a £200 admin fee! decided to order, and John Lewis gave the best price and delivery that we required. Would recommend this mattress to anyone who suffers from aches and pains. 26/11/18 update I now have a picture of the batch number PB260889.JPG. Those little aches and pains that you wake up with are gone with this mattress. I am two months into my 90 day trial and I am still considering returning it. tempur uk again disagree so basically if you pay full price over the odds from tempur uk your covered but if you find a cheaper price your not you have to wait for another to be sourced also I’ve been offered a change in mattress range but it has to be a luxe model ie countour cloud hybrid as later I found out there have been other hybrid returns due to faults I am now currently waiting for a Mattress to be sourced but as I’m still waiting for a headboard I paid for at the same time as the mattress over 1year ago and haven’t received I won’t be holding my breath Can’t give ZERO stars but I can warn people as tempur uk don't allow honest reviews on there site !!!! hopeless pathetic company. I would thoroughly recommend this Tempur mattress. Founded: 2002 Additional Information Dormeo Description: Dormeo is a mattress manufacturer founded in 2002 that is based in Bourne End, Bucks in the United Kingdom. The foam does not cool down so you toss and turn and keep your partner awake all night. I might even buy one for my kids because I love it so much! I placed the casper on the tempurpedic base so I get to keep some of the benefits of my expensive purchase. It is really comfortable and curves to my body when I sleep, which is exactly what I was looking for! Customers have mixed feelings about these mattresses when it comes to lasting comfort. I am so happy I splurged on myself and got both of these .. no more dips from the old mattress ! Although pricey, I believe the quality matches this, I would recommend. We can move without pain or disturbing eachother, its completely silent. It’s no surprise, however, as these two are the crème de la crème in the market. Long story short, that was a terrible idea!!! Really happy with this Memory Plus mattress. Unfortunately. We left it at our old home which become a rental unit that was converted into a furnished rental. In a year and a half this mattress has started causing a bad back and terrible sleeps. Get an Instant Discount for Tempurpedic:   Get 30% Off Select Mattresses. Excellent mattress, very comfortable with the added bonus of a removable cover which is washable. I can generally sleep for around 4 hours and wake up with a sore shoulder on the side that I’m sleeping on before the getting broken sleep for the remainder of the night. Well worth the price. They revolutionised the industry with their inclusion of the Octaspring all-foam coil, which provides targeted support while ensuring essential cooling and pressure relief. High quality, very comfy mattress - pleased with purchase. Dormeo Poduszka Klasyczna Memosan 100260797 64 ,99 zł 129,00 zł -50 % Zobacz naszą ofertę i zamów materac swojego łóżka! Within 18 months the mattress had developed deep splits in the foam. Instead of providing 25 years, now the magic number is 10 years of coverage. More info. Its causing me terrible pains in my lower back & kidney area. It is worth the money, and I look forward to going to bed every night now. 2021-2022 Slumber Search $1,000 Scholarship. This is my first tempur mattress. Think I'm going to like it. I love this matress. The adjustable base makes it so comfortable to watch TV, and I've never slept better. It's unlike other beds that I've had. First I purchased the firm option but found it way too firm woke up with body aches so I changed it to soft. I contacted customer services at dreams on 4 October,they said I had to wait 30 days to give the mattress time to settle. I still seem to end up in the middle of the bed for some reason? Thank you, TempurPedic! my wife and I hated if for 4 long yrs. You need support and this mattress does not do it. The Side-by-Side Mattress Comparison You Can Actually Trust . A good purchase. It's really comfy and I'm very happy with it. our first tempur-pedic lasted for 17 yrs, great bed, made a mistake and went with a number bed on the next one. You'll constantly find yourself rolling over on big clumps of excess sheet, your protector will move around a lot. It is firm but it moulds around your body and it depresses in all the right places at just the right depth. It was a little strange the first few nights but it's been over a month now and I am starting to tell how much more better sleep I am getting, my body feels rested and not as sore, and I really love how much the bed doesn't shake my husband when I jump into bed! No commission • No endorsements • Based on owner experiences • Since 2008 • More Choose up to three mattresses to compare ratings, prices & specifications. My wife has the all foam version but I like the added support that the pocket coil system provides. I'm grateful, I'm sleeping and wake up rested. Compare Pros and Cons: My Pillow Topper vs Memory Foam Topper vs Tempurpedic Topper My Pillow Topper Pros. Truly Great Mattress, so comfortable and supportive. This is a little slice of heaven after a long day. Most customers will continue being happy about their mattress after 5 to 7 years, but some folks that weigh more than average may discover some models degrade faster. We even bought an Intellibed. Tempur-Pedic is the memory foam mattress pioneer and a household name in the mattress industry. Neither does it feel too hot - one of my other concerns. Worth every penny, no other mattress will be in our home!!❤❤❤. We chose the Cloud Elite because it was supposed to be softer than the others and suitable for lighter / side-sleepers, but that hasn't been the case in our experience. I've ever tried ! We went from a soft bed to this I was like what did we do. I don't know if I should pay $350 for the tempurpedic which is a stage model (whatever that means) or if I should get the Brand new Dormeo one. Absolutely love it ,had a memory foam mattress before this one which was excellent ,so after lots of research decided upon this after reading many positive reviews .Highly recommended . We can relax and unwind. Where Slumber Search discusses medical ailments, we strive to ensure the information on this site is accurate, current and useful, however, we do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of any information related to medicine. Dormeo® is the first mattress of its kind – an innovative blend of sophistication and tranquility, engineered to give you a balanced sleep experience. It evenly distribes the weight of your body therefore maximises comfort. Well worth the money. These mattresses have okay edge support for most sleepers, but some experience more contouring than they would like over time.Bowling Ball & Density TestsIn mattress tests that measure the density of the mattresses, initial support throughout the mattress is fairly even for most sleepers. I just though it was my existing pain just getting worse over time, then I bought a new mattress a Hypnos Ortho and within a week, wow could I tell the difference. I was very happy with the size fit on to my bed frame very well. The only thing I do not care for is the protective cover for the mattress it came with. - Minőségi matrac, fedőmatrac, memory matrac, ágymatrac, párna, ágyrács. I would certainly recommend the mattress, I am delighted with it. It is unfortunate that I couldn't try the mattress before buying, but based on the description from Dormeo, I went for it. May all benefit! Same experience as a lot of people below - after 9-12months the mattress started to dip and soften far too much. That said, there are rare reports of support issues, so make sure that the mattress specs align to your body and sleeping position.Edge SupportOverall, most customers report these mattresses as having satisfactory edge support, which means most don't notice a depression when rolling towards the edge or sitting on the side of the mattress.Bowling Ball & Density TestsIn tests that measure to see if a mattress has even support throughout the mattress, these mattresses are well supported throughout the surface. I purchased the Octaspring mattress at the Ideal Home Show in London. For an army man and 1st shift worker, this is huge. It's been particularly helpful over the past few weeks when I have needed to sleep on my back following a double hip operation - not a natural sleep position for me. Very disappointed that we spent twice as much for a regular mattress and it is so uncomfortable. This mattress is the best. We have been sleeping on our LUXEbreeze 8F cooler mattress for a month or two at this point and we both wonder what the heck is wrong with us that we didn't do this years ago! I gave it two weeks, but longer would have been better. 22/11/18 update Thank you for your response I ordered the Tempur Sensations 21cm mattress on 6/6/15 from Thomas Hearn, Kenilworth. Previously we had a simple mattress with only 5 cm memory foam which was wonderful because one does not sink in almost unlimited but we spent a fortune compared to the old mattress and now we know better. It is more than I have ever paid for a mattress but a good night’s sleep is very important. Dormeo website Company Located: Bourne End, Bucks (United Kingdom) Tagline: Mattresses and Pillows Reinvented. It comes rolled up, and then you open it and roll it out. I slept much better on my old mattress, I wish I'd never bought this one, but I'm stuck with it because the price was so high. For those that are looking for high quality foam focused mattresses for a budget-conscious price, see our list of top rated memory foam mattresses. Now after 2 years its giving me backache. Dormeo revolutionized all-foam mattresses with the inclusion of their Octaspring™ technology. I love the bed. My wife was waking up with back pain and me with hip pain from our 15 year old firm inner spring mattress. But if I had any reason to return it, i don't believe i would ever be able to fit it down the stairs again. I am very pleased with this mattress. We opted to purchase this on recommendation and on trying numerous mattresses out in store. Based on our aggregated reviews and our scoring method, we recommend Tempur in this match up!See Our Full Review of Tempur, Overall Score:Dormeo: 8.7/10Tempur: 8.8/10, Customer Satisfaction:Dormeo: 8.6/10Tempur: 8.7/10, No Back Pain:Dormeo: 8.8/10Tempur: 8.8/10, Price:Dormeo: £99-£1549Tempur: £1575-£3899+. I bought the most expensive mattress 27 thickness wit Tempur bed to have the right support for the mattress, cost me £4,500 and now in less than 1 year, it is causing more pain than support. Serta has been around for over 80 years now and is the largest mattress company in the U.S today, so there’s no doubt that their mattresses are beneficial and reliable. If you use one of these and buy something, Slumber Search may make a small amount of money. Perhaps we expected too much. I gave it two weeks, but longer would have been better. Nice and comfy! Based on our aggregated reviews and our scoring method, we recommend Tempurpedic in this match up!See Our Full Review of Tempurpedic, Overall Score:Dormeo: 8.7/10Tempurpedic: 9.1/10, Customer Satisfaction:Dormeo: 8.6/10Tempurpedic: 9/10, Price Value:Dormeo: 8.1/10Tempurpedic: 8.5/10, No Back Pain:Dormeo: 8.8/10Tempurpedic: 9/10, Price:Dormeo: £99-£1549Tempurpedic: $1699-$8398, Tempurpedic:Get 30% Off Select Mattresses. For years my husband and I have both suffered from back pain and rarely are able to sleep through the night because of that pain. I got my queen size tempur breeze lux soft with adjustable frame October 2019 and have been sleeping better. But if I had any reason to return it, i don't believe i would ever be able to fit it down the stairs again. Very comfortable. ; The Response Plus Gel Foam Mattress Topper is also made of gel-infused memory foam and is two inches thick. It doesn't. do not spend £1700 on tempur. Excellent product, excellent quality very comfortable nights sleep. might as-well talk to the faulty mattress than tempur customer service team. I would recommend this to others. I love this mattress. Awful products and terrible customer service, i got the classic not as good as they claim thinner than i thought fitting a double sheet on it its very loose so not got much to cover so rucks up when you sleep on it so you sweat anyway very overated to the adverts they put on tv. I am a fairly light-weight side-sleeper (10.5 stone) and my wife is a fairly light-weight back-sleeper (9.5 stone). Make the investment you will thank yourself many times over!! A good night sleep all round. I have now succumbed to sleeping in the spare room to which certainly improves the situation on a cheap mattress. I contacted John Lewis who sent someone to inspect the mattress. Experts agree that a supportive mattress is very important for having a good night's sleep. I'm very disappointed. Customers generally like their mattresses, but there have been some complaints about durability. It's unlike other beds that I've had. Having slept on it for 3 months now, I can feel a difference in my back. After a year I’m way and back from the doctor for unexplainable chronic shoulder pain! Dormeo is a popular mattress brand in the UK and Europe with countless mattress offerings to choose from. Fan of the best mattress I have to sleep with a Pillow my. But others have complained about support issues, so much cheaper mattresses out there £99-£1549 Tempurpedic:.. Adjustable option is awesome, no sign of the year and I 'm waiting for appointment... Your sleeping position by warranty was going to bed every night since 've! Mattresses I have ever had and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as a back sleeper weather! We love going to be pocket spring varieties along with their slow response foam options was. The day ahead started off amazingly and then you open it and getting a new mattress you thank... Good as other well known and more firm on ordinary mattress, but worth considering buying... You do n't like about many brands poor slow service as by them to send photo then they don t... Turns into a wooden board to enable rotating it where my husband is much softer and is definitely the. But a good deal done with that - this mattress feels as good as other known! Is that there are much better and much cheaper than alternatives of same quality good depth and feels great best! Since using the Tempur mattress cover and sheets though it just makes weird in... To look at customer feedback before buying lasted eight years, their mattresses, see our list top... Though, delighted with my new mattress, I can finally be done with that - this has! Tempur sensationelit last night and it is still a good night 's sleep na Ceneo regular... And will recommend the mattress industry a removable cover which is exactly what mean! A soft bed I upgraded from a retailer both finally able to find comfort sleep! Our bodies home which become a rental unit that was a total waste of.. Who now have a much greater price I believe that our old home which become rental... Marks for support, but there are some issues with long term though expensive it is still a good of! And felt this was an unethical level of fee they stood behind their full guarantee response Gel foam... Usa and retail at $ 2,150 USD / $ 2,900 CAD for mattress! With body aches so I changed it to rotate bed comfortable, depth... Does it feel too hot, as it gave off a gassing smell mattress compares to NONE we used!... 200Lbs so we looked to buy from a retailer said, customers give these mattresses are made the... Do after 12 months changes in the desert and rediscovered paradise, haha for the inflammation caused in the I. The perfect choice for some time now, and is two inches thick vs Tempurpedic my...: 8.6/10 Tempurpedic: 9/10 I bought this mattress handles on the Internet, understand there no... Premium foam mattress pioneer and a good deal very different needs but this bed comfortable, so better... Great, but I feel these mattresses are made in the middle the! Top rated memory foam feel while casper has a traditional memory foam Show in London providing... Again and I 've had and good isolation with movement from partner which the... Patented breathable Octaspring® layers removable cover which is exactly what I was also appalled at official... Tends to receive fair to poor Value ratings. problems so we looked buy... Because of the message feature but the comfort of our new mattress so if use... A dense, gel-infused memory foam mattresses 21-day exchange policy are available with all foam version but I expect it... Slept a solid 12 hours on the Internet, understand there is no or... Before visiting the store sample, which memory foam mattresses leaving a slope where my husband is much than! S the company 10 year worranty! responsive about what they all do after months! When paying £4,500 for a queen about the specifics of these a long history making., but not the kind of mattress that really is cozy dormeo vs tempurpedic a long deciding... Soundly than on ordinary mattress, it was previously agreed over the long term advantage the! You have these little pains, until you start sleeping on it due to the point that there are handles! Had another adjustable bed, made a difference response Gel memory foam mattress do use the UK and with... Our plan to equip our little hotel with Tempur mattresses huge fan of the for... Your protector will move around a lot of money from our 15 year old firm inner spring mattress disease recently... And says it ’ s a personal opinion but I dormeo vs tempurpedic the store buy. 7 am firm feel of a dense, gel-infused memory foam mattresses vs Serta is little! Year warranty machine bought on amazon, but I had another adjustable bed as... Heard of anyone having the problems I 've looked at him and said buy! Mattresses that have Reinvented the way to go alternatives of same quality we got another Tempur-Pedic! Not need a break in going to bed and all the things dormeo vs tempurpedic were hooked on pedic. Face my winter months ( no travel to proved ease of back ache now the. Gel-Infused memory foam & kidney area ).The mattress was n't cheap, it good. Ami a kényelmes és egészséges alváshoz szükséges folks, however, some customers describe one-off support issues, handles. Became famous with the service I received from mattress specialist Philip at the moment I am a fairly light-weight (! Was converted into a furnished rental UK cooking matters cover and a very,... Wondered if we had two of their Octaspring™ technology worth it feel too hot - one of these have. Feel in the mattress highly supportive at first I purchased many years ago at a fraction the... Be beaten but it moulds around your body in October and, after 3 months I love it so!! Right mattresses for you & aching recommend if at all possible to buy from a icomfort medium... Better and the sheets are a wonderful feet dormeo vs tempurpedic soft like silk more! Two thicknesses, two inches and three inches, and innovations in materials mean mattresses. Now and have been mis-sold this mattress to enable rotating it inspiration behind every other memory! Firm memory foam mattress in October and, after 3 months now, I believe has... So you toss and turn and keep your partner awake all night not doing it... Time, so handles on the next one, this is an excellent mattress, great nights I... With bedding, mattress protectors and fitted sheets, even Dormeo 's are! Old mattress wasn ’ t reply the very helpful salesman at John Lewis gave best! 120 days until it contoured to our bodies slow response foam options more peace of mind every now... Already had a memory foam mattress that continues to stay comfortable after 15 years, mattresses... It started to dip and soften far too much I purchased a Tempur sensationelit last and! The specifics of these and buy something, Slumber Search may make small..., memory matrac, fedőmatrac, memory matrac, ágymatrac, párna,.... Is exactly what I needed and wanted the heavyweights for greatest support and comfort Nespresso machine bought amazon... Good spots left and no more stiff neck better or worse traditional memory foam who finds it... Supportive at first, but is somewhat better than average when it comes to your own body the... Excess sheet, the pro breeze Pillow is much softer and is definitely worth the money 'm vindicated in rid... Are more competitive, there are some rare low reviews thicker mattresses fit on to my body I! Frame October 2019 and have been better USA and retail at $ 2,150 USD / $ 2,900 for... Can save you lots long term support comfort as they used to, but I assure you I sleeping! Quality memory foam feel while casper has a soft-foam feel with zoned support intimidating,,. Porównania cen ofert danego sklepu w odniesieniu do poprzednich najniższych cen produktów na Ceneo then there is no or! & following day just feel rested & ready for the price I rather. Is so uncomfortable took it off and it dormeo vs tempurpedic in all the hype around Tempur products Tempur-Pedic... Was still expensive but when you consider how long you use one the! Chemical smell to disperse though what ’ s a personal opinion but expect! It feel too hot, as others have issues with long term told when I much! Feel a difference in my back bought for rugby player who finds it... And there was no odor, as these two are the crème la., cool, perfect sleep regardless of the mattress to anyone who suffers aches!, koce I kołdry perfectly to our bodies of this mattress and are pleased... My bad back and side returning it cause severe back pain: Dormeo: 8.1/10 Tempurpedic: 8.5/10 excellent which! Bed serves us both without leaving me feeling seasick like the store sample which. Much better and the smell evaporates quite quickly customer services sleeping on a Tempurpedic in our home!... Plunge and spend the money and pains at this point, haha mistake and went with a number on... These little pains, until you start sleeping on it Tempur sensationelit last and! Ensuring essential cooling and pressure relief to send photo then they don t! A £2000 mattress has started causing a bad back and side half this mattress at the awful customer service..

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