Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi) Actor Gene Wilder Alpha Tau … CEO of United Supermarkets, … 71 Famous People Who Were Total Frat Boys At One Time In Their Lives. Former GM and AT&T CEO, Ed Whitacre. This list is just a sample of the big number of the world's successful and famous fraternity men. Creator, we bow our heads, Grateful for life and this daily bread. Join Now Delt … Among famous alumni of this fraternity of 118 undergraduate chapters are U.S. Supreme Court Justice William Brennan and actors Will Ferrell, Matthew McConaughey and David Schwimmer. Delta Tau! Fraternity: Delta Tau Delta. The Housing Corporation is asking all alumni to donate at least $50 to help fund the remodel project, or concider donating more to reach one of the Zeta Zeta Lifetime Funding Levels ... Delta Tau Delta … The members of Delta Tau Delta are committed to living … Wishing you and your family joy and blessings in the … There's still time to register for the 2015 Delt Gathering, … As alumni of Delta Tau Delta… Who knew? Paul Ryan – Delta Tau Delta – Speaker of the House and Vice Presidential candidate Wisconsin Representative (1999-2019) ; Speaker (2015-2019) Ari Fleischer – Kappa Delta … Delta Delta Tau Delta! Delta Tau Delta (ΔΤΔ), commonly known as Delt or DTD, is a United States-based international Greek letter college fraternity. Delta Tau Delta was founded in 1858 at Bethany College, Bethany, Virginia, (now West Virginia).It currently has around 140 student chapters nationwide, as well as few regional alumni … For over more than a century, fraternities have given us philanthropy, friendships, and memories — but they've also produced a number of very successful and famous men. Arts, Entertainment & Broadcast Journalism. Members of the Order of the C—and the Delta Alpha Kappa Society are recognized for providing vital funding for many Delt programs and initiatives. by Emily Hennen. Delta Tau Delta! Lubbock City Councilman, Jim Gilbreath. For more information, visit the national Delta Tau Delta … Rah! Jill Arrington, Beta Tau-Miami (Florida) Former FOX Sports host, co-host of NFL Under the Helmet and former CBS Sports … College: … Help us to contribute to all human good Out of our Delta … Over the years, Delta Tau Delta has graduated several notable alumni, including Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, Chris Meek, VP of Goldman Sachs, Myron E. Ullman, CEO of J.C. Penny, famous … Rah! Texas Tech University Chancellor, Kent Hance. The Delt Invocation Used as grace before evening meals or more formal Delt gatherings, this invocation has become traditional in the Fraternity.

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