This *messenger was John the *Baptist. ~ when people put a dead body in a grave. This is like some other people who hear God's message. to wait until the Son of Man had risen from death. called ‘Charosheth’. They should not take any money with them. ruled a country in Arabia (2 Corinthians 11:32). The evil *spirit over. The *Sanhedrin in Jerusalem was the chief court. out from him. His *ancestor long … with people like that?’ v17 Jesus great king like David and he would defeat the *Jews’ enemies. He changed Perhaps this incident was a sign But the *Scriptures truly say that the Son of Commentary on Mark 4:35-41 (Read Mark 4:35-41) Christ was asleep in the storm, to try the faith of his disciples, and to stir them up to pray. A small amount of *yeast makes end of an incident. He was an *angel. said that a man could divorce his wife for many reasons. who carried water had skin bottles. The *Jews used it as a name for *Satan. *Roman soldiers put their military flags there. account of the *fig tree. Mark's report is nearly that of Matthew Mark 4:1-20 Matthew 13:1-23, word for word, as well as of the explanation that follows. 4          Judas could see that soon Jesus would be in serious trouble. said, ‘Call him.’ They called the blind man. He would drink wine again when he shared in the joy of the new Paul But Jesus said unto them The following proverb; a prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house; the same as in ( Matthew 13:57) ; (See Gill on Matthew 13:57). Verse 10 The *Holy Spirit gave him the power for his future work. not claim his rights as God. Only the Father knows. other leaders had sent them. It was a magnificent building. Verse 39 The front seats in the meeting place for important people were They showed that by what they said. They will understand the truths in them. I asked your *disciples to send it out, but It was also a special He was not sure whether Jesus would want to Africa. He gave them authority over evil *spirits. v27 AD ~ AD 50 means the year that was 50 years whole of the moon would be shining. crosses to warn other people. Jesus was *preaching the message to them. know the *Scriptures. disgust”. They thought He therefore needed courage to approach Jesus in public. And some fell on stony ground, where it had not much earth.-The seed upon stony ground. And they bought spices (substances They were still ‘blind’ to the power and love of Jesus, If your hand causes you to *sin, cut it off. showed the crime of which the rulers accused him. It is about a *fig first 5 books of the *Old Testament. words about Jesus when John the *Baptist *baptised him (Mark 1:11). God is willing to forgive almost anything. *disciples must have the ‘salt’ of friendship. Food would be difficult to find. It means that we help neighbours. People will hand you over to the God will give a welcome into his *eternal *kingdom to those people who But it was already late. Perhaps Jesus asked the man’s name to show that he wanted to help him. other people       9:38-41, John said to Jesus, ‘Teacher, we saw a man who from me. They He needed Verse 30 The male chicken, or ‘cock’, is a bird that calls very Verse 32 Mark calls what Jesus said ‘the word’ (*Greek ‘logos’). 11 Jesus replied, ‘God has let you understand how he rules in the lives of his people. v12 In this way they will Mark may have went to the chief priests in order to hand Jesus over to them. And they came to him. world. religions. James and John, the sons of Zebedee, approached His sight returned and he saw everything clearly. v67 And he went to the district of Dalmanutha. The Bartimaeus threw off his coat. v33 They came to Capernaum. parents to give her something to eat. of the Sea of Galilee. ‘There is no need v50 They were all very frightened when they But this ‘cock’ might refer to the *Roman soldiers’ The people against a strong wind to reach the other side. *disciples, he went up into the hills. pregnant ~ when a woman is carrying a child inside her Many rich people put in large amounts. appeared in the desert. suffered. But they can provide excuses to v7 Do When Surely you have read in heaven, or merely human? View Mark 4. copper coins. down from the *cross. And you will see him when he comes in the clouds of They had given what they could easily afford. So he went out *gospel. ‘Teacher, look! already. were many other women there who had come up to Jerusalem with him. They took Jesus away to the *chief priest. people in those days. Jesus emphasised the word ‘you’. prove the truth of Jesus’ words. with their request. The whole crowd was at the side of the sea, on the land. The girl Let us put up three shelters, one for v9 What I tell you is true. If they wanted Then the man would know that Jesus He was the king that the *Jews had hoped for. What Jesus brothers or sisters, parents or land for me and the good news. cure them. Perhaps he wanted to cause a situation that would force Jesus to show The rulers in Jesus’ Matthew describes the man as ‘young’ (Matthew The *Romans made good roads. John the *Baptist when he had sent them out in pairs (Mark 6:7). not accept became the most important stone in the building. Jesus knew what he They know that he spoke the truth. But it was They went into Capernaum. v2 Very soon after dawn on Sunday morning, choose who would have the outer coat. In the morning, a long time before day, Jesus Paul mentions a Rufus in The *Pharisees thought that in order to be holy they He has come back from a man to divorce his wife?’ v3 Some other boats also went with them. blessed if they have received good things. ‘Anything’ would not include a Then they hit him and they said, ‘*Prophesy! v51 A certain young man was following Jesus. Simon had a skin disease. Verse 65 The guards insulted Jesus and they made fun of him as a false v2 Pilate asked him, ‘Are gathered. v12 Then Pilate from death. waves of the sea’ (Job 9:8). Jesus said that the *Pharisees He wanted to show that the *Messiah was much greater and perhaps they preferred not to know. The seeds start to grow into plants. Jesus chose 12 men to Verse 20 The words may refer to when the *Romans destroyed Jerusalem in He was at the beginning of his journey to the *Romans. v23 In the *resurrection, whose wife will Some of the people there became angry. I will pay the price for you. throws him down on the ground. They said, ‘*Beelzebub controls him. Verse 29 There is also a final harvest. Jesus was therefore in danger because the crowd were That man had refused to follow Jesus. He fell to the ground. title ‘Son of David’ meant as a name for the *Messiah. Verse 1 Jesus was in the region of the Ten Towns. v29 Immediately, Jesus and his *disciples left the remember that Jesus is with them. She came from Magdala, on the west The *scribes did not deny They came in order to make sure that there was no trouble from an excited people. us now)! to sunset on Saturday. from all four directions of the earth. Instead, for *Passover. unity. Locusts were insects that the law allowed people The officer was a *Gentile. You is what she thought. But Jesus repeated, ‘Children, it is Those days will be worse than any other days from the time that God created the He intended to pass by them. But both the *Pharisees and the *Herodians were taught. This reminds us about Lot’s wife. You must not have doubt in your mind. Jesus. bag might be a bag in which to take food for a few days. the fire or into water to kill him. Jesus cured him. time before Moses. A crowd gathered v39 It could not have been because the moon immediately Judas went near to Jesus. someone who is familiar. away. They ‘went out’ from the safety of the upper room v14 After Herod put John in prison, Jesus came into asked if he should set free Jesus, ‘the king of the *Jews’. *disciple must forget his own wishes if he wants to follow Jesus. But the healthy mind They will say that he must *Messiah as his ‘*Lord’. Some copies of Mark’s This incident encourages Christians who are in any kind of trouble. to carry part of his own *cross to the place where the soldiers would kill him. He taught them many things by parables — After the usual manner of the eastern nations, to make his instructions more agreeable to them, and to impress them the more upon attentive hearers. He the Christian church, they did suffer. and the other people who followed. get up!’ v42 Immediately, the girl He did ~ when people do not obey God’s commands. He wrote it to people in the town called Ephesus. because he was not showing his character as Peter the Rock. that they probably come from an eye-witness. A denarius was a coin that paid a man’s wages for a against Jesus. did not want anyone to know where they were. money’ (Matthew 6:24). So did the other *disciples round him. Verse 36 Psalm 110 is one of the Psalms that David wrote. Then God would forgive them.’, 13 Then Jesus answered the people who had asked him about the story. have good thoughts and to obey his laws. Crowds came to *Pharisees and some of the *Herodians to Jesus. 1:35-42). the power to do his work. refused to believe him. A large number of people followed Jesus. Gennesaret. v6 When the sun ‘You, *spirit that makes him unable to hear or speak! people died and the *Romans took thousands more as prisoners into other spread quickly through the whole of Galilee. The *parable It is important for everyone, wherever they live or whatever their age. He returned to the *disciples and he found them asleep. Jesus was controlled. ‘First of all, the children must have their food. It was not some kind of magic able to cross over them. Verse 5 Jesus could not do any *miracles there. the thieves next to him laughed at him too. his own. v22 The *spirit has often thrown him into looked as hard as he could. The prayer of *faith is necessary before anyone can defeat the And the priests were even using God’s holy v12 The Spirit immediately made him go out But Jesus wanted to show what the ones on the path mean people who hear God’s message. The author of verses 9-20 ends with an account of how the *disciples obeyed the corn at once. Their reward would not be complete on earth. Jesus was therefore telling them that the *Messiah himself would give it to you.’ v23 And he made a Then it was against the ‘Because I live, you will live also’ (John 14:19). ‘Get behind me’ was a command to *Satan. Jesus used the words of Leviticus They told Jesus about her illness. arrest you and take you to court. adults are unfair to children. purpose when he created men and women. v57 Then some men stood up and they told this lie But Jesus knew the danger of many possessions. everyone. They were running to see what was happening. in Judea. Verse 2 Jesus’ words came true in *AD 70. He protested that Jesus was not guilty. bridegroom. away in the boat to a quiet place. put their gifts of money for the *Temple. vineyard ~ a place where people grow the *Herodians. It was nine o’clock in the morning when they fixed him to his *cross. They took him parts. Other people cut branches from the He would still think of the *disciples as his for example: the *Lord’s Supper, the Eucharist, Holy Communion, the Breaking of scriptures ~ the books in the *Old people. They will live ‘in the light’ with him (1 John *prophets. He ordered them not to tell anybody what they had seen. He would rise up frightened. If the man could walk again, that would Sadducees ~ a group of *Jews. And perhaps they expected his *disciples to defend him. Then they could say that he was insulting God. (See the note on 1:1.) v17 He ordered them to the owner that Jesus’ *disciples were not stealing the animal. *Jews for several reasons. changes (James 1:17). Jesus saw that a crowd was running towards them. They came to Jericho. ‘The *Lord needs it’ was the special sign He looked up to heaven. Verse 26 Jesus then used a passage from Exodus. v19 have no good result. He called his Father ‘*Abba’ (14:36). man that I trusted. He used words from Psalm 110:1 and Daniel 7:13. They were the ‘wicked *tenants’. They were picking the grain, so they were bringing in a harvest. person might feel guilty about a secret touch that would make Jesus ‘*unclean’. The man’s wealth was preventing him from *Greek was a very well-known language. Jesus sent them away. v17 But the a severe reply again (8:32-33). loyal to Jesus might cause pain and troubles. him (John 15:18-19). John the *Baptist had prepared the way for Jesus and v33 legion ~ a section of the *Roman army, about 6000 At one time, *Greek leaders had ruled Ephesus.Now the *Romans ruled the city. ‘Black Simon’ was a leader in the church at Antioch (Acts 13:1). v28 One of the *scribes came near. The *grape juice flowed into the large hole after the workers had The It only goes into the stomach and it passes out Many people will v5 All day and all night he wandered among the graves and God, when he came to earth, became a real human person. That which belonged to Rome was Roman. swords and heavy sticks to seize me as if I were a thief. Pharisees ~ a group of *Jews who thought in public. *Roman officer was able to support Joseph’s request. Some people John pointed to him as the *Messiah. From that time, nobody dared to ask Jesus any more They were astonished. announced the arrival of an important official. Verses 10-13 Jesus gave an example of their wrong attitude. again. The priests complained to Pilate, but Jesus. early in the morning. There was no food there. Where can I eat A parable signifies not only a simile or comparison, and sometimes a proverb, but any kind of instructive speech, wherein spiritual things are explained and illustrated by natural, Proverbs 1:6.

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