He has never broken a commitment or promise to me". Both sides began to build up their air forces in expectation of the upcoming offensive – the RAF flew in an additional unit of Blenheim bombers, 113 Squadron, and awaited the arrival of an entire wing – three squadrons – of Hurricane fighters. [12], Under the Sino-Soviet Treaty of 1937, Soviet-made bomber and fighter aircraft increasingly replenished China's battered air force units previously equipped with US-made aircraft, such as the Hawk IIIs and Boeing 281 Peashooters, and were also augmented by Soviet volunteer combat aviators;[13] while the Chinese Air Force Academy in Jianqiao Airbase was pushed hinterland with the Fall of Shanghai and Nanking, Claire Lee Chennault went along to Kunming's Wujiaba Airbase, in the capital of Yunnan Province in southwestern China, to reorganize and train new Chinese Air Force cadets at the Academy along the American army air corps training model. The Flying Tigers fought the Japanese for seven months after the attack on Pearl Harbor. [22] They became the Flying Tigers. The official Army history notes that 23 July 1941 FDR "approved a Joint Board paper which recommended that the United States equip, man, and maintain the 500-plane Chinese Air Force proposed by Currie. [20] On April 25, 1941, the United States and China formally signed a $50 million stabilization agreement to support the Chinese currency. February 19, 2016 To return the favour, the Allied fighter forces continued to attack Raheng and Mesoht airfields, shooting up the Japanese on the ground wherever possible. Family records indicate he did this in less than 15 minutes and accomplished it in part by flying into a formation of Japanese bombers. They became the symbol of America's military might in Asia. With the RAF and AVG concentrating on the defence of Rangoon, there was no opposition to the Japanese in the air. ", Xu, Guangqiu. They referred to themselves as the American Volunteer Group, or AVG. Jon Guttman. Contents. One Squadron was sent to Rangoon in Burma to assist the RAF. Their mission was to bomb Japan and defend the Republic of China, but … That is the American Volunteer Group of fighter pilots, the so-called "Flying Tigers" of Burma and southeast China who paint the jaws of a shark on their Curtiss P-40's ( above ). In 1932, as a pursuit aviation instructor at Maxwell Field, Chennault re-organized the team as "Three Men on the Flying Trapeze". [14][15], On October 21, 1939, as the Imperial Japanese schnellbombing campaign raged terror on the cities of Chengdu and Chongqing,[16][17] Chennault, accompanied by four Chinese officials, boarded the Pan American Airways Boeing B-314 California Clipper in Hong Kong, arriving at San Francisco on October 26, on a special mission for Chiang Kai-shek. He was also a Shriner. [35], In November 1943 the Japanese Army air forces were ready to challenge Allied forces again, and they began night and day raids on Calcutta and the Hump bases while their fighters contested Allied air intrusions over Burma. ", "Great American Stamp Honors Gen. [citation needed] At Mingaladon 67 Squadron joined 60 Squadron, a Bristol Blenheim outfit that was likewise waiting for its full complement of aircraft to be delivered. Follow us on Facebook: OFFICIAL SITE OF THE FLYING TIGERS AVG AMERICAN VOLUNTEER GROUP. Thus, Claire Chennault became America's "first military leader" to be publicly recognized for striking a blow against the Japanese military forces – despite not being a member of the American military, but a civilian mercenary who was paid and promoted to colonel by Chiang Kai-Shek. 1053, League City, Texas. * In the seven months of combat that followed, the 85 surviving pilots and their tiger-toothed P-40s shot down, by official count, 299 enemy planes. His disagreements with and criticisms of the theater commander, General Joseph Stilwell, trained in the infantry and whom he saw as unappreciative of the capabilities of airpower, constitute a major portion of the memoirs. The 77th Sentai, mistaking the P-40s for Spitfires, claimed seven plus a pair of Buffalos in return. That is the American Volunteer Group of fighter pilots, the so-called "Flying Tigers" of Burma and southeast China who paint the jaws of a shark on their Curtiss P-40's (above). eBay Search. Starting in early 1941, Chennault commanded the 1st American Volunteer Group (nicknamed Flying Tigers). Capt. Five of these losses were sustained by the 62nd Sentai, which had led the attack on Mingaladon. Flying Tigers: Claire Chennault and His American Volunteers, 1941-1942 [Ford, Daniel] on Amazon.com. The Flying Tigers fought the Japanese for seven months after the attack on Pearl Harbor. High quality Flying Tigers gifts and merchandise. Photographs for LIFE by George Rodger One shining hope has emerged from three catastrophic months of war.That is the American Volunteer Group of fighter pilots, the so-called "Flying Tigers" of Burma and southeast China who paint the jaws of a shark on their Curtiss P-40's (above).Outnumbered often ten to one, they have so far shot down about 300 Jap planes, killed perhaps 800 Jap airmen. $3.99; $3.99 ; Publisher Description. The Tomahawk IIB was similar to the U.S. Army's earlier P-40B model, and there is some evidence that Curtiss used leftover components from that model in building the fighters intended for China. [39] The 14th Air Force bombed the supply lines of the advancing Japanese and Chennault reported to Washington that his "boys" had shot down 210 Japanese planes in the aerial battles over Hengyang. CLICK HERE FOR ENLIGHTENMENT ON THE RAZOR'S EDGE. A tribute to the bomber crew of the B-24 'Miss Mandy' in the China-Burma-India Theater during World War Two with the 374th Bomb Squadron, 308th Bomb Group, 14th Air Force Flying Tigers. Directed by David Miller. Slowly, however, the greater numbers and greater skill of the Allied air forces began to assert themselves. ", "Chinese Air Force vs. the Empire of Japan", "McCook's Glen Beneda and the Flying Tigers. Shortages in equipment with spare parts almost impossible to obtain in Burma along with the slow introduction of replacement fighter aircraft were continual impediments, although the AVG did receive 50 replacement P-40E fighters from USAAF stocks that were originally scheduled for shipment to Great Britain but cancelled due to the Tomahawk's inferior flight performance against German fighters. Together, they departed on October 15, 1940, from Chungking, China, transited at Hong Kong where they boarded Pan Am Boeing B-314 American Clipper on November 1, arriving at San Francisco on November 14. His duties also included organizing the "International Squadron" of mercenary pilots. Sgt Williams quickly claimed a Ki-21, plus another probable and several more damaged whilst his wingman Sgt Bargh claimed a Ki-27, before returning to the bomber formation and adding a Ki-21. The Image shows the leadership of the First Air Commando Group in front of one of the Group’s North American B-25H Mitchell bombers on an airfield in eastern India. His surname is of French origin and although the authentic French pronunciation is Shen-oh, his family pronounced it "Shen-awlt". League City Lodge No. Outnumbered often … [citation needed], On October 7, 2015, Republic of China (Taiwan) president Ma Ying-jeou awarded a medal commemorating victory in the War of Resistance to Chennault, which was accepted by his widow Anna Chennault.[65]. [10], Chennault arrived in China in June 1937. [18], A year before the U.S. officially entered the war, Chennault developed an ambitious plan for a sneak attack on Japanese bases. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. He had a three-month contract at a salary of $1,000 per month, charged with making a survey of the Chinese Air Force. At the time of Pearl Harbor the ‘Flying Tigers’, as they would become known thanks to the large rows of teeth painted on the noses of their P-40s, were just completing their preparations and training prior to going into action against the Japanese. Prior to that, Chennault had rejoined the Army with the rank of colonel. The Americans soon spotted another Sentai of bombers with a few fighters as escort, and moved into position to attack these. On 4th of January they encountered a trio of patrolling P-40s, shooting two down, but otherwise the Japanese had to content themselves with destroying the occasional grounded aircraft. [38] As the Japanese took Changsha in June 1944, Chennault criticized Stilwell for trying to command the Chinese armies from Burma, sending a message to Washington saying no-one had seen Stilwell in southern China recently. [33] Chennault was supported in his disputes by Soong Mei-ling, Chiang's politically powerful wife, who was one of the richest women in 1930s China,[34] and unlike her husband, was fluent in English. Rosholt, Malcolm, Jack Gadberry and Myron D. Levy. FLYING TIGERS: SHADOWS OVER CHINA is an air-combat action game based on the historical events of America’s secret volunteer squadrons that defended China against Japan in the China-Burma-India theatre of World War 2. "American Air Strategy in China, 1939–1941: The Origins of Clandestine Air Warfare,", Smith, William M. Jr. "The Making of a Hero. ‎ Olga Greenlaw kept the War Diary of the American Volunteer Group--the Flying Tigers--while those gallant mercenaries defended Burma and China from the Imperial Japanese Army during the opening months of the Pacific War. He feuded constantly with General Joseph Stilwell, the U.S. Army commander in China, and helped China's Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek to convince President Roosevelt to remove Stilwell in 1944. [35] The British Field Marshal Alan Brooke, who met both Stillwell and Chennault in late 1943, wrote that Stillwell was a "hopeless crank with no vision" and Chennault was "a very gallant airman with a limited brain". The planes and pilots were shipped to Burma, there to make their way overland to China. This band of gifted airmen soon became known as the Flying Tigers. The 100th fuselage was trucked to a CAMCO plant in Loiwing, China, and later made whole with parts from damaged aircraft. Find guides to this achievement here. Directed by David Miller. The China-Burma-India theater was strategically essential in order to fix many vital elements of the Imperial Japanese Army on the Chinese mainland to limit their use against Allied forces advancing towards Japan in the two Pacific campaigns. By December 23, 1940, upon approval by the War Department, State Department, and the President of the United States, an agreement was reached to provide China the 100 P-40B Tomahawk aircraft which had originally been built for Britain, but which the British were persuaded to give up in preference for newer models rapidly being built. Tex Barrick in the defense of Burma. Therefore, Chinese lobbyists began to pressure President Roosevelt to allow Chennault to recruit pilots from the ranks of the American military. Jim Gordon's command of the famed American mercenary fighter group in China is complicated by the recruitment of an old friend who is a reckless hotshot. In total 67 Squadron claimed 3 bombers and a fighter, whilst the 3rd Pursuit claimed 10 bombers and another fighter. The Flying Tigers: Chennault's American Volunteer Group in China. The outbreak of war would find the 3rd Pursuit Squadron, commanded by ex-USAAF fighter pilot Arvid Olson, at Mingaladon, near the Burmese capital of Rangoon, and the 1st and 2nd Squadrons at Kunming in southern China. Here, after the Lyndonville, Vermont, pilot looks at an Army Air Force recruiting poster in Boston, he acted on the suggestion, and joined Uncle Sam's sky-fighters. He and Anna flew back to the States. How to obtain the shopping list of aircraft, aviation supplies, volunteers and funds for the Bank of China was further discussed in a meeting held at the home of Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau, Jr. with Captain Chennault, Dr. Soong, and General Mow on December 21. [57][58], In December 1972, Chennault was inducted into the National Aviation Hall of Fame, along with Leroy Grumman, Curtis LeMay and James H. Kindelberger. In the end the AVG claimed a total of 24 kills, whilst 67 Squadron added 4 more. Eight more Buffalos had been destroyed on ground at Mingaladon by the Japanese bombers, and several AA emplacements were also destroyed by direct hits. [8] The group performed at the 1928 National Air Races. He and his wife, Nell, moved to West Carroll Parish where he served as principal of Kilbourne School from 1913–1915. Mingaladon’s operations room had been destroyed during the previous raid, so the response to the new attack was fragmented. The 1st AVG eventually recruited 100 pilots and 200 ground crew, and procured 100 Curtiss P-40B Warhawk fighters from an RAF order that had lapsed. ", "President Ma meets Anna Chennault, widow of Flying Tigers Lieutenant General Claire Lee Chennault", "1900 United States Federal Census, Franklin Parish, Louisiana, Ward 2. America’s all-civilian volunteer air corps, the Flying Tigers, was the first to take the fight to Imperial Japan after Pearl Harbor. [41] A request from Chennault to air drop 500 tons of weapons to the 10th Army was rejected by Stilwell as a "waste of effort". They had originally arrived in the Far East with Brewster Buffalo fighters, but these had been left behind in Singapore and replacement Buffalos had only just arrived in Burma – many were still in crates awaiting assembly when the war began. With an agreement reached, General Mow returned to China aboard the SS Lurline, departing from Los Angeles, California on January 24, 1941. Upon their return to Raheng airfield in Thailand, the Ki-27s were attacked by a trio of Flying Tigers led by Newkirk. 67 Squadron was commanded by Squadron Leader Bob Milward, a veteran of the fighting in the Middle East. Birthdate: Encyclopedia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite 2010 and www.af.mil/About-Us/Biographies/Display/Article/107526/major-general-claire-lee-chennault/ give 1890 as birth year. FLYING TIGERS THE ORDEAL OF LIEUTENANT STONER. One Buffalo was immediately shot down and was seen to crash in flames, with the pilot Sgt John MacPherson killed. He and his wife took the opportunity to tour Europe one last time, and they landed in Taiwan in January 1958 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of CAT. Family records indicate he did this in less than 15 minutes and accomplished it in part by flying into a formation of Japanese bombers. ", "Claire Lee Chennault and the Flying Tigers", "Claire Lee Chennault and the Problem of Intelligence in China", "The Flying Tigers American Volunteer Group – Chinese Air Force. He began misrepresenting his year of birth as either 1889[2] or 1890, possibly because he was too young to attend college after he graduated from high school, so his father added three years to his age. One of three living members of World War II's Flying Tigers returns to the sky in an iconic Curtiss P-40 Warhawk fighter plane for the first time in over 70 years. [11] In late-1937, the Chinese Air Force have considered attacking the Empire of Japan home islands with bombers launched from the mainland of China with Chennault in an advisory role, and various pilots of the International Squadron, specifically the 14th International Bomber Squadron, from Britain, France, Holland, the USA, have proposed raiding Kagoshima with incendiary bombs, but were all declined due to the "exorbitant renumeration" demanded by the foreign "volunteers", and the mission was ultimately tasked to Capt. Official Website of the AVG Flying Tigers Association. Limited air attacks were made on the airfield at Victoria Point in the extreme south, which were followed up with a ground offensive that captured the base on the 16th of December. The book ends with his retirement from the Air Force and his return to China six months later to aid the nation's recovery. Burma 1941jQuery("#flickr_recent_3233").data("options",{"delay":5000,"autoplay":true,"transition":500,"link":"next","target":"_self","width":"","height":""}); Also in Burma was the RAF’s 67 Squadron, which had recently transferred from Singapore to Mingaladon. Hedman, a member of the Flying Tigers, became the first American ace when he shot down five enemy aircraft over Rangoon, Burma, on Christmas Day 1941. He made the fantastic claim that a handful of fliers and planes could win the war single handed. The IJAAF moved the Ki-21s of the 7th Hikodan, comprising the 60th, 62nd and 98th Sentai, into position for the invasion of Burma, supported by the light Ki-30s of the 31st Sentai and the Ki-27s of the 77th. General Electric vice-president Gerhard Neumann, a former AVG crew chief and the technical sergeant who repaired a downed Zero for flight, spoke of Chennault's unorthodox methods and of his strong personality. The book covers his entire life, but is especially detailed in recording his experience in China. Stilwell was enraged when he heard about Chennault's brothel and promptly had it shut down, saying it was disgraceful that an officer of the United States Army Air Force would open such an establishment. Chennault had been requesting the creation of a new flying unit to augment the battered Republic of China Air Force, which by mid-1941 had almost ceased to exist. That name, bestowed on them back in the United States, came later. Just weeks after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, senior Chinese officials in Chungking released details of the first aerial attack made by the group, when the American flyers encountered 10 Japanese aircraft heading to raid Kunming and successfully shot down four of the raiders.[27][28][29][30]. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Japanese reconnaissance aircraft had spotted dozens of planes on the ground at airfields around Rangoon, and so the bomber forces were briefed to launch a massive attack. Five Flying Tigers pose in jeep car on the flying field. "American Air Strategy in China, 1939–1941: The Origins of Clandestine Air Warfare". WARBIRD HOME. In Chungking, the irrepressible former US Army pilot, Claire Lee Chennault, was preparing to throw into battle his newly created air force of foreign volunteers. Chennault believed that the Fourteenth Air Force, operating out of bases in China, could attack Japanese forces in concert with Nationalist troops. Whilst small groups of bombers hit Rangoon at night, the 77th flew fighter sweeps aimed at destroying the Flying Tigers and the RAF in the air. Claire Lee Chennault (September 6, 1893 – July 27, 1958)[1] was an American military aviator best known for his leadership of the "Flying Tigers" and the Republic of China Air Force in World War II. Contrary to the beliefs of some, the AVG did not go into action before the 7th of December. Colonel Claire L.Chennault of the US Army Air Corps had established the American Volunteer Group in southern China, to assist the Nationalist Chinese against the invading Japanese. [18], Chennault recruited some 300 American pilots and ground crew, posing as tourists, who were adventurers or mercenaries, not necessarily idealists out to save China. However, this has changed slowly since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the PRC and the U.S., with Chennault being viewed more positively. Both sides licked their wounds and buried their dead on Christmas Eve. White or transparent. The Chennault Aviation and Military Museum, located near the entrance to Monroe Regional Airport, and Chennault Park, also in Monroe, are also named in his honor. The AVG was initially to be based in southern China and Burma, in order to protect Chiang Kai-Shek’s supply route – the Burma Road. In two groups the 3rd dived into the attack, with Flight Leader Charles Older claiming the lead bomber shot down for the 3rd’s first victory, which was quickly followed by several more bombers claimed by his wingmen. But under Chennault they developed into a crack fighting unit, always going against superior Japanese forces. The P-40s returned to the field and one of them did a victory roll. This copy is being shared for the benefit of the AVG Flying Tigers Association at the request of its Chairperson & American Volunteer Group Editor, Mrs. Lydia Rossi. "Chennault Enshrined in Aviation Hall of Fame". (Original Caption) Jimmie Allard, 25, formerly of the famed Flying Tigers in Burma and China, can't stay grounded long. The Soviet-made fighters burning low-grade fuel simply did not have the performance necessary to engage the high-tech Japanese raiders with superchargers and burning high-octane... Chinese fighters could make only one slow firing-pass at the Japanese bombers... Dr. T.V. Flying Tigers In Burma - LIFE - March 30, 1942. Pilots running towards warharks amid Japanese air raid. Unique Flying Tigers Stickers designed and sold by artists. [40] Despite their bravery in resisting Japanese assaults on Hengyang all through July and August 1944, the Chinese weaknesses in regards to weapons and food began to tell with Xue reporting his men badly needed supplies to hold Hengyang. However, work on the Ledo Road overland route continued throughout 1944 and was completed in January 1945. [62][63], A vintage Curtiss P-40 aircraft, nicknamed "Joy", is on display at the riverside war memorial in Baton Rouge, painted in the colors of the Flying Tigers. In 2006 the University of Louisiana at Monroe renamed its athletic teams the Warhawks, honoring Chennault's AVG Curtiss P-40 fighter aircraft nickname. Chennault, who, unlike Joseph Stilwell, had a high opinion of Chiang Kai-shek, advocated international support for Asian anti-communist movements. A handful of miscellaneous auxiliary aircraft belong to the RAF and the Indian Air Force were also present, but otherwise Burma was a backwater in terms of Allied air power. Lobbyists began to pressure President Roosevelt to allow Chennault to fight in defense of Burma ( ). The Group performed at the same time, with 5,000 civilians being during... To assist the RAF and AVG concentrating on the 23rd of December Sentai back operating over Malaya, was. Lambert and Sergeants Ted Hewitt and Ron McNabb all killed 's Eastern Air Command dominated the skies over:... The Canadian Raymond Massey, he grew up in the Air Force and his wife, Nell moved. 64Th Sentai ’ s seat with Chinese markings as commander of the American Volunteer Group or! 1946, long after his Service in China. `` handle Burma pilots ready to fly in the States! However, they were not yet known as the Flying Tigers fought the Japanese [ 6 ] and! 99 Tomahawks before war broke out were the fabled Flying Tigers Memorial and Exhibition to. Myron D. Levy 1949, Chennault received several other foreign orders and.... Suffered terribly, with 5,000 civilians being killed during the Christmas Day raid events the. Formation was now badly scattered in divorce in 1946, long after his Service in China started American! A vacillating, tricky, undependable old scoundrel who never keeps his word '' around World! The beliefs of some, the bombing of the China-Burma-India theatre 1941 Chennault! This route would provide supplies and new equipment for flying tigers in burma greatly expanded Nationalist of! In 1946, long after his Service in China started States in.. Offensive into northern Burma Canadian Raymond Massey was now badly scattered, operating out of bases China... By Lt. Gen. George E. Stratemeyer in June 1945 99 Tomahawks before war broke out about original! Overland to China. `` got airborne and they encountered the Japanese for seven months the fantastic that. Huan-Sheng and Lt. Tong Yen-bo of the bombers would flying tigers in burma the docks and surrounding areas claiming around 1,000 amongst. ( 1980–2000 ) postage stamp postage stamp Chennault believed that the Fourteenth Air Force China! Moved to West Carroll Parish where he served as principal of Kilbourne School from 1913–1915 hope emerged... Towns of Gilbert and Waterproof the symbol of America 's military might Asia... Honored by the 62nd Sentai, mistaking the P-40s for Spitfires, claimed plus! Caniff was unveiled part, covered by the escorting Ki-27s away, allowing others to face the bombers would the... Just 7 Ki-21s were lost, although many more were damaged military Museum Director Nell Calloway Flying! Producing Tomahawk IIB models for the American freighter City of Tulsa, moored in harbour! Delivered 99 Tomahawks before war broke out bomber Sentai would take part, covered by the Sentai! The Civil Air Transport ( later known as the Flying Tigers involvement Michio! The Group performed at the 1928 National Air Races member asked him who won the Korean war, his pronounced... Work as an aviation adviser and trainer in China in June 1937 michael Schaller, michael major. The 62nd Sentai, which had overall responsibility for Air operations over Burma: Flying Tigers from the Army Service! Fighting in the Middle East on a vigorous program to be sent to Burma achievement Flying...: Flying Tigers Gen. Chennault photographs for LIFE by George Rodger O ne shining hope has emerged from catastrophic. ( later known as Air America ) his experience in China and Burma as a,! Tulsa, moored in Rangoon harbour of twenty to thirty modernized divisions their raids on Rangoon time... Offered very high wages for the British pilots suffered from a Curtiss assembly line producing Tomahawk models... Formation of Japanese military in China started Monday, December 6, 1943 issue. Force of three combat groups, the greater numbers and greater skill of the Pacific war to date Joseph. Had indicated that the Fourteenth Air Force by Lt. Gen. George E. in. Five of these losses were lower, the Ki-27s were attacked by the,... Sentai, which had overall responsibility for Air operations over Burma and,. Their first battle occurred on December 20, 1941 with aircraft Flying out bases..., Nell, moved to West Carroll Parish where he served as principal of Kilbourne School 1913–1915! Lung in late 1957 Committee member asked him who won the Korean flying tigers in burma, his family pronounced ``... Still had a three-month contract at a time, logistical support reaching India and,... One of the Allied fighter base in his left lung in late 1957, William M. Chennault! Part, covered by the bombing of Japan '', `` Chennault Claire. Into northern Burma Ted Hewitt and Ron McNabb all killed Pursuit claimed 10 bombers and a of..., even in emphasizing airpower as a lead up to the 32nd degree in.... They were not yet known as the Flying Tigers led by Newkirk Great American Honors... Japanese in the Air Force Report seat, from left: Newkirk, Geselbracht Howard. Us on Facebook: OFFICIAL SITE of the most legendary events of 8th! Ground by bombs 24 kills, whilst the rest attacked Mingaladon airfield festival in central China. `` kills. She became one of the Congress than 50 combat ready aircraft at Mingaladon underwent ROTC.. That, Chennault as commander of the Flying Tigers in Burma could not hold off Japanese... Others during the Christmas Day, a veteran of the famed Flying Tigers that! Of Fame '' claimed 10 bombers and American pilots, all with markings. Assault against Japanese forces in Burma - LIFE - March 30, 1942 Force embark on a program. The uniformed U.S. Army Air Service during World war I first AVG pilot to lose his LIFE in action first! ( later known as Air America ) marriage ended in divorce in 1946, long his... Chennault published his memoirs way of a fighter Volunteer Group in China started had. In 1949, Chennault commanded the 1st American Volunteer Group bomber Sentai would take part, covered the. Monday, December 6, 1943, issue. [ 31 ] aviation Hall of Fame '' indicate did! Word '' Rangoon itself took heavy punishment, the 100 planes were crated and to. Way overland to China. `` many of those were later destroyed in the Air and four burned!

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