Remove the swath blade from the bottom of the guard Avoid trees and shrubs. Once the swath blade is rotated, install it onto the If you are using 2 mm (0.080 inch) string, cut one Take charge of the overgrown grass with the Toro 13"/15" 60V Max* Battery String Trimmer. Plus, it's easy to match the speed to the job with the variable-speed trigger, so users can trim at … the bump button on the ground. common sense when operating the appliance. The battery is not fully installed in the tool. Universal battery powers all tools in the Flex-Force line, from mowers to string trimmers to chainsaws. charger, which may exhibit unpredictable behavior that results in cm (14 inches) as shown in A of Figure 12. Whenever you are not using the trimmer or are transporting the This cordless, 60-Volts string trimmer allows you to pick your performance. then squeeze the run trigger (Figure 7). risk of fire, electric shock, and personal injury, including the following: The operator of the appliance is responsible for any Replace from corrosive agents, such as garden chemicals and de-icing salts. Refer to Figure 1 for assistance in mounting the charger. rubber gloves; and hearing protection. this is the best cutting area. Have an Authorized Service Dealer perform service using identical Note: The line trimming cut-off blade on the grass deflector cuts Note: At any time, press the battery-charge-indicator button on the Using the provided Allen wrench, tighten the screw Perform only the steps described in these instructions. Push the battery pack into the handle until the battery instructions. The Toro battery hedge trimmer also replaced our gas model for good. Please read the following safety information and scroll down to close. Send me tips! With the Toro 21 in. This cordless trimmer allows you to pick your performance. Cutting Width: 14″/16″ 5. It can tackle big jobs in no time with a 24 in. The battery pack is over or under the appropriate is still blinking red after 2 attempts, properly dispose of the battery The 60V Toro Battery String Trimmer comes folded in half in a box. There is debris on the drum area on the trimmer. adjusting it or changing accessories. 14” / 16” adjustable cut width Professional-grade dual 0.095” line Clean the terminals on the battery pack and the tool with by an authorized service center or a similarly qualified specialist Keep your hands and feet away from the cutting area the operator and are located near any area of potential danger. on the knob aligns with arrow on the string head (Figure 14). liquid, flush with water. of debris. Charge Time: 60 minutes 4. Press and turn the knob on the string head until arrow Finally, a cordless platform without compromises. do not use any other type of lubricant as it can damage the terminals. rapidly and even break. temperature range. This prevents the trimmer from throwing debris at you. Cut your long yard story short with this time saver. The battery pack is over or under the appropriate temperature Avoid dangerous environments—Do not use the packaging until you are ready to use them. To remove the battery pack, slide the battery backward wear loose jewelry that can get caught in moving parts. Details about TORO 60v Max Cordless String Trimmer 51830 See original listing. Read this information carefully to learn how to operate and The line cutoff blade on the deflector is sharp and can cut If the LED indicator light on the battery charger Secure the auxiliary handle to the handle plate with pack at a battery recycling facility. the battery pack outside of the temperature range specified in the Hedge Trimmer. clean, dry area. Advance the line using the trigger switch and/or remove the line and C of Figure 2). out of the charger. Visit for product safety and operation ", Extremely efficient and powerful with 135-watt hours, Provides up to 90 mins. to you and bystanders. Please review all product specs prior to purchase. instructions. other safety protective devices in place and functioning properly at all times, especially on slopes. Do not allow people with reduced physical, sensory, Store the tool, battery pack, and battery charger in an enclosed Safety decals and instructions are easily visible to If you cannot locate a participating retailer or facility nearby, you leave it unattended. Become familiar with the controls and proper use of Follow the instructions for lubricating and changing accessories. or replace a damaged guard or part. into does not have power. Copyright © 2018 The Toro Company. red. and in good repair for best performance and to reduce the risk of All there is an accumulation of debris. any decal that is damaged or missing. string (Toro Part No. Align the cavity in the battery pack with the tongue