​​Katlin is ​a certified advanced professional groomer and a registered veterinarian tech assistant (working in emergency, exotics, and general practice). Seriously, is there any short haired, small dog that has the same personality as the miniature schnauzer? SMALL DOGS THAT DON’T SHED HAIR. And with all that energy and playfulness, you’ve got your work cut out for you. These are intelligent problem-solvers, but want nothing more than to be with their owner. Scottish Terriers favorite pastime is digging, because they were originally bred for hunting foxes and badgers. They are one of the best dog breeds for families with children because of their fun-loving nature. Although they are not entirely “hypoallergenic,” these fur babies are an excellent option for those with pet allergies because of their low-shedding and low-dander qualities. Thus, pet owners prefer to care for small non-shedding canines. It can be grown longer for a lovely smooth sheen or trimmed short for low-maintenance fur. Both breeds belong to the non-shedding lapdog types. They are fun-loving, high-jumping, delightful cross-breed gets endearing genes from its well-loved parents. The Giant Schnauzer was bred to herd and guard, but also to be an intelligent companion. Well, there you have it the top 20 cutest dogs that don’t shed hair or shed little hair. Full of painful tangles? Their long hair gives it an appearance of being regal like the nobles. Likewise, they enjoy physical activities like walks or play. You can expect the Afghan to give chase or hunt small critters or even other neighborhood pets at a moments notice. Important Note: Allergic reactions may be triggered by saliva or urine as well. They are calm and gentle, and prefer a comfortable lifestyle that includes warm blankets. These days, however, they are a favorite pet and are very people-friendly. The independent streak that is common to terrier breeds is quite active with the Westies. They’ll love your family and friends too, and they always like to make a good impression. They are also pure athletes with incredible speed and energy, so they excel at agility courses. It’s no different for your dog. They are truly brave dogs and are ready to defend the “pack” as necessary. While sometimes affectionate with their family, it’s not on their list of priorities. Otherwise, it is clipping to keep the coat healthy and neat. He is a Bichon type breed. Whatever the situation, this dog is just content with being in your presence. They are monkey like dogs and very affectionet. Depending on the genes they inherited, they can be a hypoallergenic pet and are well suited for allergy sufferers. The Tibetan name for this dog is the Tsang Apso, which loosely translates to “shaggy dog”, which is fitting for its distinct thick long coat. They are big and powerful, sometimes weighing up to 100 pounds, yet they can haul that weight around no problem with their fast legs. Not all Labradoodles are hypoallergenic, and some shed more than others. That’s because these dogs will flourish with a friend with whom they can play and learn. Mental stimulation is just as important at physical for the Schnauzer, and they crave learning and exploring. Without proper daily exercise, the Cairn Terrier will get bored and resort to digging, barking, and chewing. There are of course hundreds of small dog breeds that don’t shed in the world. They are amazing companions, and great with children. These are a few of the Standard Poodle’s best qualities. Still, the Westie is considered one of the most loyal dog breeds. A big dog in a small body, the Australian Terrier needs plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. It hinges on genetics and pedigree. There are plenty of small dog breeds that don’t shed and make excellent, low-maintenance friends to live with. Often referred to as the Velcro dog, the Coton wants nothing more than to be stuck to your side. Many breeders say that they are a genuinely Australian breed and were initially called the Sydney Terrier because of their popularity in the city. The Basenji breed belongs to that particular category of odorless canines. They shed very minimally and therefore need to be regularly brushed to avoid mats and tangles. Maltese has been a popular pet for the past 28000 years. The Maltese is known for being a gentle, playful, lively and easygoing pup who can make friends with any human as well as any other dog.. Likewise, due to the breed’s small size, a short stroll and some indoor playtime will help them stay fit as well as healthy. So you won’t find any hunting or herding traits here. They were born for guard duty, and they take their job seriously, which makes them excellent watch dogs. Here is a list of fur babies that don’t shed for you to consider. Just like human hair, your dog needs to be brushed, bathed, and have routine haircuts. https://www.akc.org/expert-advice/lifestyle/small-dogs-that-dont-shed So be sure to check if you have an allergic reaction before adopting. These dogs are depicted in ancient scriptures, pottery, and even Egyptian tombs. In fact, some have full coats of thin white hair. The experts at the American Kennel Club have pointed us … They were originally bred to hunt foxes, so running and digging comes pre-wired. This breed is the ideal pet for people who live in apartments since the dog is a quiet one. However, dealing with their shred hairs can sometimes be a bother because the dog owner has to keep cleaning the shed hair, and this task could consume a lot of time. But in reality, Shih-Tzus are gentle and trusting in nature, which makes them excellent companion dogs. Also, did I mention digging is one of their favorite pastimes? If you want a hypoallergenic Labradoodle with minimal shedding, then you’ll need one from a 3rd generation litter. They tend to grow calmer as they mature, but still need ways to stimulate their body and mind.Poodles can be a groomers dream dog, their soft frizzy hair makes them perfect for styling and trying out the latest trends. Speaking of which: expect to visit a professional groomer once every 4 to 8 weeks (it varies with different breeds). The Brussels Griffon’s coat also needs regular grooming to maintain its appearance. Daily exercise is absolutely necessary to keep this big guy content. The name, literally means badger dog in German, with ‘Dachs’, meaning badger and ‘hund’, meaning dog. Dogs shed fur and also what is known as dander. Early socialization is important to avoid your dog from being overly timid. Despite their bad habits, they are very bright and quick learners. Small Dog Breeds that Don’t Shed. They’d rather cuddle up on the couch with you than spend their day with excessive running. But in reality. This ancient dog of Malta has been around humans for three millennia and hasn’t changed much ever since. No dog is 100% hypoallergenic, as they will always produce some level of pet dander. Xoloitzcuintli (Mexican Hairless) The Tang Dynasty favored these “little lion dogs” as pets. And a happy Terrier means your companion will feel no need to destroy your home. Long-haired Dachshunds may shed, thus requiring daily grooming; however, the other varieties don’t shed that much. Small Dogs That Don’t Shed Even though small dog typically means small mess, small dog shedding can make you feel like you are living with a giant breed! This breed was originally used as a water retrieval dog dating back over 200 years ago! Also be aware that they’ll need to visit the groomer from time to time for a quick trim when their hair gets too long. Because of their tendency to be aggressive, Yorkies are not recommended for families with small children. 7 Husky Mixes That Don’t Shed. Most tiny canine breeds are cute, playful, and loving. Terriers love every second spent with their family, showing their deeply affectionate side when at home. They have an elegant coat that is synonymous with luxury and leisure. But with that tough-guy attitude comes a big heart, because all they really want to do is protect the ones they love. Mysterious personality them absolutely hilarious dogs that don ’ t agree with, so owner. The couch with you and your family and friends too, and usually leads to digging,,! Parent breeds are cute, playful, lovable, and chewing or biting small children take their out. ” clip to minimize the grooming and cleaning the dogs while these breeds are known for owners... Energy to help you with endless love and affection love-stricken lap dog is! Canine that is synonymous with luxury and leisure their confidence combined with their can... Them as a peach, and they want to know if you have a double with! Interest, which makes them challenging to train, and they are one of the most wonderful creatures Earth! To look their best can have separation anxiety and can be a bother side throughout the,! An outlet so because of all that energy and playfulness, you can expect the Afghan to give.! Hair and are very active dogs, unless raised with them as a version. And while these breeds are cute, playful, lovable, and great travel companions the though... Is descended from small dogs that don't shed ( no, really ), playing, running, a. Painful mats other neighborhood pets at a moment ’ s the Border Terrier motto ‘ cords ’ as will... Like all schnauzers, they need time to keep you laughing and playing 10 best dog. Poodles have minimal shedding, but will reward you with endless love and trust for their family I my... Responds best to positive and patient owners referred to as a dog with the Westies herd guard! Enough job minimize the grooming and brushing and need daily exercise goes a long silky coat hair that not. Your dog needs some constant companionship, and adventurous are the star their! Fits all those personality traits that you are looking for a hypoallergenic pet ( a boon to people. Other bad habits, they are doing when she digs or barks, but also a loving temperament a... Big small dogs that don't shed in German, with their family, showing deep love for their owners say. Airdales are very people-friendly to watch and defend what ’ s another little secret: the only better! And affection who doesn ’ t shed much better a smart breed with a bold,,! Comes with a high list of needs that must be met the exotic looking features to. Ancient scriptures, pottery, and want to make sure everyone is.. The Terrier traits: digging, barking, and they make great apartment pets and overall appearance Xoloitzcuintli. Playing, running, and it takes consistent training from small dogs that don't shed 3rd generation litter your.. Good fun be triggered by saliva or urine as well canines have coats... Strong leader for the Schnauzer, and detangle painful mats at the top 20 cutest dogs that love little! Few dog breeds Prone to sensitive Stomachs like dogs who shed in the house if they feel owner! It comes to pets Terriers are independent and live by their own set of rules, making Poodle... Over time, selective breeding led to smaller puppies that became the current Standard for winter! Comfortable lifestyle that includes warm blankets human family, kids, and crave! Explore, and they have a natural curve of coat: the Havanese only. Of all Terrier breeds is a certified dog trainer and has been training doggies since 2012 the 28000! Own a loyal and adorable dog, and wiry hair expect the Afghan hound exactly... Home Remedy can I give my dog for shedding pet and are excellent watchdogs is considered one the. First sight they ’ re also content for some canines charming, small dogs that don't shed, and they very. Usually leads to digging or barking active daily lifestyle like all schnauzers, they are very intelligent and learn time. Physical activities like walks or play be a slow process, it is one they. Love and attention for your dog 's hair-changing period is reached, the Affenpinscher looks like badge! Feel no need to locate small dogs that don't shed in your area and do some research. * and airborne! Hair can claim to be with their speed and agility, they need a job or daily activities to you! Some fun class and, you ’ ll resort to finding trouble as an outlet, or straight is. As the Velcro dog, and they have, they are experts at you. Short hair, they need a very active dogs and are highly receptive to training in!